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If you want to overcome the fear of video and be a confident video presenter, I can help you. First,  you need to be able to trust me. Let me gift you a useful, valuable, concise course. This way, you'll safely see if I'm the right person to help you. 

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  • 12 fast start tactics - using things you already own

  • 7 FREE video apps that I use to earn income

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    “So so good… why are you giving this away?” - Maz Farrelly

You'll learn...

  1. Intro 00:00
  2. Get Ready To Record 00:45 
  3. Video Emails - start your own personalised video campaign  02:00

  4. Storytelling Videos - get your message across the way customers want: visually. 02:35

  5. Screen Share Explainer Videos - talk customers through a product or a process. 03:45

  6. Training Videos - access to your training at their fingertips 04:13

  7. Event Videos - put a shine on anything from an office party to a gala ball 04:33

  8. Next Steps 05:30

* Links to all resources included

* Immediate start

* MAC PC iOS Android friendly

 But if this is so good why are you giving it away for free...

Why Should I Trust You?

I'll tell you exactly what I'm doing.

This 6 Minute Video Course is a way for you to test-drive me (Julian Mather) on your way to overcoming the fear of video in 7 days and becoming the confident video presenter you want to be.

You'll get the course followed by 5 emails with extra useful resources and tools. You can unsubscribe with one click.

There is no manipulative upsell on the other side. There won't be any buy-now before the clock runs down pressure on you.

I want you to trust me so I can help you. It's that simple.

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