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Use The Job You've Got To Get The Job You Want

An army sniper, a magician, a globe-trotting TV cameraman walk into a bar…. No joke! I've been all three. The simple truth is I was not gifted in any of them. I learned that productivity and resilience and attitude trumps talent. I learned every workplace is a university or a prison and I held the keys. By simply reframing my views good stuff happened. Does the way you see your job hold you back?

Want your dream job but don't know how to get it?

The one question anyone unhappy in their work has to ask and answer before looking for their dream job is does my job suck or could it be me? If you don’t answer this question you may be walking away from the most valuable asset you have already have: the job you are in. It could be the ticket to your dream job but you haven’t realised it yet. This book shines a light on the blindspot so many people have about the opportunities they already have at their fingertips but nobody has bothered to show them.

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"Hey Employers ... We are not sheep. You cannot herd people into being productive"

Are you an employer grappling with low employee morale and low productivity? How are you approaching this? Searching for a one size fits all quick fix? Here's a tip: stop. Instead encourage the individual. Play to their self interest because as former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating said, 'in the racecourse of life back self interest because you know that self interest will always be trying hard.' That's how you get people to be productive!

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