What Makes a Good Video? Your Video Buddy Might Tell You


Are you bring your production struggles to your video? If you are it is likely diluting your message.

No one cares about the labour they just want to see the baby.

Your struggles as a video maker mean nothing to your audience. 

Don’t let the process on video making influence your editorial decisions. Your audience just doesn’t care.

TV knows this. There are people called sub-editors. Their job is to ensure good story content, good writing but most of all it is to keep you out...

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The Number 1 Lesson Learned From Decades Of Recording Video Sound

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What’s Your Favourite Piece of Technology for Making Videos?


I love these selfie stick tripods because…


They’re cheap

They’re small and light

I can easily get them to eye height by putting a chair on a table

They have a bluetooth remote on/off button

most of all they save me time!

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What Everybody Ought To Know About Recording Videos In The Wind


Even the best microphone for smartphone videos will have trouble in this intensity of wind. Go inside? Don't record? 


get yourself a 'fluffy' microphone windsock. 

or hide your microphone in your beard (it didn’t work!)

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Camera Movement Tutorial For Smartphone Part 1


BRILLIANT .. just BRILLIANT lesson in camera movement that anyone can do

Grab your phone and give it a shot

Just another nail in the coffin of anyone relying on traditional videography as a long-term source of income. 

There is going to be an army of kids with incredible skills and ridiculously powerful phone cameras who are going to change the dynamic.

Smartphone video is the future

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A Video Editing Technique I Use Everyday To Save Time


Save time and avoid stress. Move to Faster Video Editing I use this simple technique. You should too and...  make it a habit. Good habits earn you money.

This is one part of a video presentation and on-camera confidence module I teach that I call Silence Smile Speak

Silence is a key video discipline. You will get a far greater return on investment from learning how to use it than you will from any expensive microphone you buy.

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How to Write a Script for a Marketing Video

4 Simple Templates for Writing Video Scripts. I get asked this a lotHow to Write a Script for a Marketing Video and I reply ‘conversationally’.

Use these prompters and don’t overthink it!

These are not mine. I have collected these over the years and are part of a larger collection I’ll share over time.

How to use them: Read them to yourself in a light animated tone then keep going and add your own content. Rinse and repeat. Just brainstorm. Keep the rhythm going....

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Video Editing Tips for Beginners at Business Video


Video Editing Tips This promo of a podcast I spoke on is just Zoom screen grabs + website pics + stock footage. You don't need shiny footage Video editing is powerful.

You have many FREE editing resources available to you

and you can get them edited together cost-effectively.

Did you know you can get free stock video HD footage at places like COVERR

You can get free images at places like UNSPLASH

You can screengrab images from websites

You can record your Zoom call video

You can learn some...

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No More Memorising Video Scripts. A Roll and B Roll Explained


Freaked Out About Memorising Video Scripts? You Need A Roll and B Roll.  I rarely memorise a script. Just don’t have to. Just learn to use A Roll and B Roll.

Here’s an example of how A Roll & B Roll can help you.  You’ll be making videos like a pro sooner than you think

A Roll and B Roll explained. 

Our problem is how do we record a page of the script without having to memorise it

We start with A Roll and B Roll

A Roll tells the story

B Roll shows the...

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My Best Video Lighting Tip is Master Eyes and Smiles

One of the best video lighting tips and tricks that I can share with you is to understand the importance of eyes and smiles.

Eyes are windows to the souls and smiles are windows to the heart. 

Eyes and smiles are the main act. ’Pretty light’ is just window dressing.

If you can get eyes, smiles and attractive lighting, all power to you. If you are starting out and want to understand what will benefit you in your business, then in order of importance


  1. Eyes
  2. Smiles
  3. Fancy...
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