If you aren't using video your business risks becoming invisible in a COVID world

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Sound familiar?

You’ve bought the camera. You’ve bought the lights and the microphone. You know you need to start making your own videos so you also invested in some video training.

But there are many niggling questions stopping you.

What’s the first video I should make?

Am I doing this right?

Where does this bit go?

I’m not exactly sure what I should say?

Is my script good enough? Too long? Too short?

Should I buy this bit of gear?

Do I need to be LIVE streaming instead, or both?

What will others think?

You want to start, but weeks, months, maybe even years later, you haven’t.

You feel stuck. 

And you wonder, ‘is it just me who can’t seem to grasp this video thing. What’s wrong with me?’

Let me give you some reassuring news. There’s nothing wrong with you. The pictures, the sound, the script, the editing, the presenting… it’s a lot to get right the first time.

And I get it. The gap between the knowledge and the doing; well, it’s just a bit too wide.

I might have just the thing you need to narrow that gap.

Imagine your video production going from stalled to prolific. Imagine making videos when you want them and without all the worry. 


Imagine having a world-class video maker there by your side

with 40 years of video know-how, ready to answer all your questions and give you the exact next steps for the very videos you have been meaning to make?


Now there’s no need for you to travel the first part of your video journey alone.

Introducing... Business Video Jumpstart 30 Day Program

This is a 30-day group coaching program

to take your video projects from concept to completion.


Walk away with a portfolio of videos that will start earning for you.


Bring your real-world pressing video project/projects to this 30-day long virtual program and get

Program Pre-Work

1. You get full access to Business Video Bootcamp. This is the acclaimed learn-at-your-own-pace online course that gives you the Smartphone Video Advantage. 

2. 60 min 1:1 laser strategy session to map out a personal video strategy for the coming 30 days.


8 x 1 hr group training sessions

[All sessions are recorded and available for 12 months]

Session 1.

-Scheduling your next 30 days
-Message Clarity
-Script planning
-Included is access to all my personal video script templates

Session 2
-Script Writing
-Send 10x video messages to dead leads/relationship building
-Location Options
-Costs breakdown

Session 3
-Script rewrites
-consider the look and feel you want for your videos
-do a test recording in your location - send for a video review by me

Session 4
-step by step walkthrough of your recording session
-consider edit options - DIY or outsourcing

Session 5
-THIS IS RECORD week - send for a video review by me
-improve your presenting
-what to do after you hit the STOP button

Session 6
-RECORDING follow through

Session 7
-DIY Editing Walkthrough
-Included is access to my personal video editing templates
-Editing - send for a video review by me

Session 8
-EDITING follow-through

Bonus Session 9
-Movie Night - we celebrate your success. In the week following (suitable dates to be agreed upon)
we celebrate each others progress and success with our own
Movie Night


2 x Script Rewrites

- I will rewrite and polish two* of your video scripts. This will slingshot you into video production.


3 x Personal Video Reviews

- Upload your videos. I will personally watch your video - offer suggestions, come up with ideas for you and give you detailed feedback - then forward to you via a private video message.  You will see exactly how I’m reacting, what I’m thinking and what parts I’m talking about.


Program Post Work

60 min 1:1 follow-through strategy session to map out an ongoing personal video strategy 

Extra support via

-Private FB community (ongoing)
-Private email access for 30 days
-1 x 10min EMERGENCY call



-12 month access to Business Video Edge - 
A weekly A.M.A. (ask me anything) interactive showcase of your questions and cutting edge (and ever-changing) video and virtual tools and systems. You get ideas and habits and efficiencies and answers that can turn any small business in a video powerhouse so you spend less time keeping up with what’s new and more time staying ahead of the competition.


A jolt to get started, the support to keep going, and the confidence to race ahead


See Dates and Times

Perfect if you're struggling with...

  • writing your script
  • setting up your studio
  • framing your shots
  • which is the right equipment to buy
  • getting your sound right
  • the right lighting to make you look good
  • editing
  • finding the best apps and resources
  • taking too long and wanting to stop wasting your precious time
  • understanding when and how to publish
  • knowing when to use video and when not to
  • confidence presenting on camera
  • worrying you might forget what to say
  • LIVE streaming
  • setting up for virtual presentations

Whatever your roadblocks, be they video or virtual, they will a thing of the past at the end of the program. 

Tailor-made for you if...


  • you ask yourself… would I be more effective if I looked my customer or colleague in the eye? If you answered yes, then this is for you.

  • you have a video you know you need to make. You know the message and you know who needs to hear this message. 

  • you are prepared to hit it hard for 5 days out of the month. If you do, you will be on your way to being a video powerhouse.

  • you don’t particularly like or have time for video but understand its value and want simple systems that take you as little of your time as possible. 

You do not need any prerequisite skills or experience apart from completing Business Video Bootcamp - approx. 4 hours of self learning - before the program starts.

Note: Business Video Bootcamp is an awesome online learning program that is included with your enrolment to the 30 day program.


"You have made me feel a lot more confident when it comes to presenting my message" 

Michelle Pascoe CSP, Business Coach

"Julian cuts through the noise... every team or executive leader, business owner or marketer can learn so much from Julian"

David Penglase CSP, Behavioural Scientist

"Time spent with Julian gives you an unfair competitive advantage" 

Keith Abraham CSP, Global Keynote Speaker

This program is suited to (but not limited to)

  • small business owners
  • consultants
  • personal brands
  • communication specialists
  • sales enablement specialists
  • content creators
  • leaders wanting to communicate effectively

What type of videos can I make?

  • online training course videos
  • profile videos
  • social videos
  • training videos
  • sales videos
  • marketing videos
  • recruitment videos
  • explainer videos
  • welcome videos
  • LIVE Streaming


This is not for you if…

  • you have visions of creating cinematic masterpieces (that no one will watch past the first 10 seconds anyway)
  • you are not ready to implement video as part of your business
  • you do not have at least a smartphone or a webcam
  • you want a done for you service

You shouldn’t be struggling to script your videos

It should be as easy as pick a suitable template and fill in the blanks

That's why I'm giving you all my personal video templates that I have road tested for the past 10 years... and I use these myself most days.

You could work out everything here yourself through trial and error but why would you? I've done the hard work for you so you can get back to doing what it is that you do best that makes your business successful.

You Get...

  • 2 x 60 min 1:1 laser strategy sessions $2000 Value
  • 8 x 1 hr group training sessions $4000 Value
  • 2 x video script rewrites by me $800 value
  • 3 x personal video reviews by me $1500 Value
  • My personal video templates $3000 Value
  • Business Video Bootcamp $500 Value
  • 12 months access to Business Video Edge $1000 value
  • Private FB community $500 Value
  • Private email access for 30 days $1000 Value
  • 1 x 10min EMERGENCY call  $500 Value
  • Total Value $14,750


Your Investment...

(limited to 6 participants per 30 day program)

One Time

$5000 + GST


  • Australian Dollars


$1300 + GST


  • Australian Dollars
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"I can honestly say I have never before got such value for money in a course.  Julian has the easiest, practical and common-sense solutions for you to use" 

Scott Farley, Principal Designer at F3 Industrial

"The step-by-step guidance and encouragement he offers is the best video training I have ever done. "

Lisa Evans, Business Storytelling Expert

"Anyone who signs up for Julian's training sessions either online or offline will acquire the skills necessary to produce quality videos" 

Michael Harding, China Collective, MBH Consulting

Unsure if you need to improve your video skills?


What is the value to me in making my own videos?

Should I learn to make videos myself or should I budget to have my video production outsourced? I can’t answer that.

I can give you a clear picture of where video business videos are right now and where the trends are heading in the coming years. In your mind, this will simplify your decision on improving your video skills.


It’s 2021. Customers demand video.

Video is the new window shopping, the new store assistant, the new instruction manual.

We don’t read we watch. We don’t meet we zoom.

Businesses must scale video production to meet this demand

At the same time...

We have become addicted to the convenience of smart devices. Look around. How many people do you see hunched over a phone or a tablet? Text on smartphones is fiddly. Video isn’t. Video is winning the convenience war.

At the same time...

We trust people more than we trust brands. Politicians have let us down. Banks have let us down. Churches have let us down. We don’t trust organizations as we did. We are looking to each other for information and recommendations.

B2B and B2C are becoming H2H: human to human.

Traditional, highly produced videos no longer cut through like they once did. 

Simpler videos, delivered by real people, in an open and honest way, do.

And now we have a paradox.


The Video Production Paradox

You might, they cant.

You might be able to make a polished video but video production companies can’t make an authentic video. They try. The harder they try, the more awkward it looks. (Think back to some of the cheesy, ham-fisted ‘we’re you’re friend’ banking and insurance ads)

Of course, you will always need the help of video production experts for a small number of flagship videos. And they do a great job.


Understand that authenticity is non-negotiable

But nine out of ten business videos you need to make will be simpler, human to human, staff to customer videos. You can’t outsource these relationship videos. To do so is fraught with problems.

Trust takes a moment to break and a lifetime to rebuild. Reputation is your most valuable online currency. Remember, it’s not who you say you are, it’s who Google says you are.

Don’t mess with your authenticity.


How deep are your pockets?

Depending on the type of video, prices generally range from $1,500 to $10,000 per finished minute. A safe estimate for 5-minute corporate videos would be $3,000 per finished minute.

Let’s be super conservative and say $1000 a finished minute at the budget end. 

What the heck, let’s say you could get someone to make a video up to five minutes long for $1000.

How many 5-minute videos will you need over the next 5 years? 

Let’s be super conservative and just plan for a year and at just one video a week. That’s a $50,000 rock bottom price to satisfy customer demand for social videos, instructional videos, sales, marketing, onboarding, customer service, educational


What’s the alternative?

There’s not one alternative to outsourcing your video production, there’s two.

  1. Just close your eyes and hope it goes away and be like one of those people who, when personal computers came in, refused to give up their Remington typewriter and bottle of Tipp-Ex.
  2. Invest in fast-tracking your video skills. It’s only a matter of time before making a video is easier than sending an email. When that day arrives, and it will, you will be light years ahead of your competitors who ignored the winds of change.

Who Am I & Why Take Notice?

I’m a world-class videographer whose only camera is a smartphone.

I spent 25 years behind the camera for ABC TV, National Geographic, Discovery, BBC and 10 years in front presenting 1000 online videos, racking up 30 million views and 140,000 subscribers. 

I’ve traveled far but my longest journeys have been from behind the camera to in front of it, from public servant to entrepreneur, from stutterer to public speaker.  I’m a life long student with a passion for helping those who feel ‘stuck’ starting because video seems just too complex.

I’ve spent two years writing, teaching, demystifying, an ongoing  process to get to the most important 20% of what I know; the 20% that will make you competent behind and comfortable in front of the camera in the shortest time possible.

This is a no fluff, no filler, respectful-of-your-time intensive program to get you making commercially smart videos fast.

Your Investment...

(limited to 6 participants per 30 day program)

One Time

$5000 + GST


  • Australian Dollars


$1300 + GST


  • Australian Dollars
Orders Outside Australia Click Here


Your Investment...

(limited to 6 participants per 30 day program)

One Time

$5000 + GST


  • Australian Dollars


$1300 + GST


  • Australian Dollars
Orders Outside Australia Click Here