The April intake is postponed. I am creating a new suite of business video products to help you better deal with COVID19 issues. Please join my update list to be the first to know. Do this by getting my free book on my homepage.

Discover the fastest way to DIY business videos that connect communicate and convert 

Are you one of the following people?

  • a business owner with customers using smartphones to research products?
  • a solopreneur watching others dominate the social media feeds with their videos?
  • a leader who needs to improve morale and engagement?
  • a sales professional wanting new ways to fill the sales pipeline
  • a content creator for education and training
  • a communications professional who needs teams to provide video content
  • a speaker who looks professional on-stage but unprofessional in their videos

If you answered YES to any of the above then this may be a very important message for you to read.

Why Business Video 

There was a time when business clacked away on typewriters and looked at word processors as a novel idea that would fade away. 

Look at us now. As we bash away on our desktop keyboards many hope video is a novelty that will fade away but...

Video for business is here. Why? Because we have to meet our customers where they are and they love the convenience of video on their smartphones.

Isn't video expensive and hard? It was before the smartphone .

  • smartphones are not technically better than bigger cameras
  • smartphones are not spelling the end of video crews
  • smartphones do not make instantly make you Steven Spielberg 

but smartphones have this HUGE advantage for business...

They are a pocket sized TV station that you can research, schedule, record, edit, market test and publish business-boosting videos FAST to a world demanding more and more to be communicated to via video on their smartphones

and you and everyone in your team/business/organisation already has one ... it's a 21st century business gift that’s literally at your fingertips

Smartphones are the agile, authentic and affordable way to boost marketing, sales and communications and if you have a smartphone then you can start benefiting right away because I’m sharing my secret-sauce. Read on to learn more…

Who Am I & Why Take Notice?

I’m a world-class videographer whose only camera is a smartphone. 

I spent 25 years behind the camera for ABC TV, National Geographic, Discovery, BBC and 10 years in front presenting 1000 online videos, racking up 30 million views and 140,000 subscribers. 

I’ve traveled far but my longest journeys have been from behind the camera to in front of it, from public servant to entrepreneur, from stutterer to public speaker.  I’m a life long student with a passion for helping those who feel ‘stuck’ starting because video seems just too complex.

I’ve spent two years writing, teaching, demystifying, an ongoing  process to get to the most important 20% of what I know; the 20% that will make you competent behind and comfortable in front of the camera in the shortest time possible.

This is a no fluff, no filler, respectful-of-your-time intensive program to get you making commercially smart videos fast.

What Will I Learn?

You’ll learn in 6 weeks what it’s taken me 40 years to understand. That 20th century video - just standing behind the camera - is dead. 21st century video for business is a seamless dance from behind to in front of the camera. You’ll learn that it’s nowhere near as hard as you imagined.

You’ll become video literate and video confident during the 3 phases of pre production, production and post production. 

You’ll learn that you too can face a camera and connect with your audience. You’ll learn to shoot extra footage that audiences watch with interest instead of apathy. You’ll learn the disciplines of TV because good habits earn you money.

You’ll learn how to edit, package and publish your videos so the right people see them, connect with them and take the action you want, all in the most frictionless way possible.

You will learn to reproduce what I have: a 'video machine' that I put an idea in one end and out pops a video at the other when I need it.

So if you want to be self sufficient for many of your video needs then I can certainly show you how.

"Your iPhone video skills ROCK!"

Jacqueline Nagle CSP
Speaker, Communications Coach

What Can I Do With What I Have Learned?

  • get more leads
  • get the jump on competitors sleeping though this important change
  • introduce new products
  • speak to younger audiences
  • send a video, not a thousand words
  • videos get better open rates than emails
  • make your own training videos
  • raise confidence among your team
  • prepare yourself for video job applications
  • blow customer satisfaction through the roof
  • expand your digital footprint faster. Video comes up higher in search results.
  • come across as dynamic, knowledgeable and genuine – a real leader in your field!
  • Become your own PR machine. Journalists are constantly looking for interesting and engaging stories they can develop for their viewers and listeners. Offering pre-made photos and videos makes your story more attractive to time poor journos.
  • Video has a magic effect that writing doesn’t: people can see and hear and feel your emotions. They see you take care, that you are sincere, that you are earnest, that you have energy, that you’re fun to be a round. Leverage this in all areas of your business.
  • Turn your office into a DIY studio - you're likely have everything you need already

Here’s what you’ll learn…

Pre Production 


You’ll learn 

  • the art of telling the truth on video. How the authentic 'you' can make more sales
  • the value in sharing yourself as well as your message
  • how set design, colours, wardrobe strengthen your desired look and feel
  • the value to you in creating box sets of videos
  • the right aspect ratios for the right audiences
  • how using templates speeds up your production time and your confidence
  • the best camera, sound, lights, edit apps and accessories for you
  • if you need to use tele-prompters and the alternatives
  • Clip Crop Collect - Keep your viewers engaged.  Easy ways to grab pics and clips to make your videos pop
  • how to write effectively for video
  • how to look younger on video without plastic surgery




You’ll learn

  • Level Locate Lock - Connect with your audience so they connect with you and want to do business
  • Show Shoot Shift- make videos that look and feel more professional and make them really fast. Perfect for your social media strategy
  • Walk Talk Twist - reassure your clients by showing them everything is under control and... it's faster than sending an email
  • Custom Video Introduction - you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Learn to make videos that get you booked.
  • Zip It Mark It Crush It - make double the videos in half the time. Revolutionise your video recording sessions to make double the videos in half the time
  • Silence Smile Speak - video presentation just got relaxing. No more worrying you will forget what you have to say
  • And But Therefore - make videos others want to watch by adding some storytelling to every video you make
  • Whiteboard n Wave - less is more, personal is powerful. Reduce cold calls, 2X your outbound response rate and meetings booked
  • Frame Your Story - framing matters. Keep your message in focus by taking out distractions
  • Hook Hello Hitch - confidently guide your audience through your video. The best time for a map is before you go into the forest.
  • On Up Out - get in the zone and present your videos with casual confidence
  • Motivate Your Moves - moving the camera without reason just annoys your audience. Learn a better way.



Post Production


You’ll learn


  • Import Edit Export - take the fear out of editing video and gain an essential 21st century business skill
  • how to apply captions
  • how to add music
  • how to add surveys and quizzes
  • How to outsource your editing
  • how to use titles effectively
  • which desktop and mobile editing apps are business friendly
  • where to host your videos so the right people see them
  • to interpret video jargon when dealing with video production companies
  • how to identify when you are being sold unnecessary services by video production houses

Does it work?


Places limited. For your own sake don't be a fence sitter

What Do I Get?

Business Video Mastery: the fastest way to DIY business videos that connect communicate and convert

When you enrol you gain access to the video training library. Your access is for life or the end of the internet, which ever comes first. 

This is a flipped classroom.

You consume and learn these lessons in your own time at your own pace then we come together and spend the time solving your specific problems.

Each week, for six weeks, you are invited to the group coaching session. Prior to the session, you send me a link of any videos you want help with and I will give you specific strategies and tactics to fix your problem. 


  • Full and ongoing access to the video training library
  • 2 x 30min laser 1-on-1 mentoring sessions
  • you can submit 3 of your videos that I will review, refine and return 
  • lifetime access to the Business Video Rebellion private online community
  • Priority email access to ask me anything
  • Extra training videos
  • check lists and templates
  • Resource lists
  • Reasonable access to me with nothing held back

COVID-19 pivot. This intake is postponed. Look out for an updated range of products I am releasing in April. Please join my update list to be the first to know. Do this by getting my free book on my homepage.

When Are The Group Coaching Sessions

Session 1: 8th April 7pm AEDT time LIVE

Session 2: 15th April t 7pm AEDT time LIVE

Session 3: 22nd April 7pm AEDT time LIVE

Session 4: 29th April 7pm AEDT time LIVE

Session 5: 6th May 7pm AEDT time LIVE

Session 6: 13th May 7pm AEDT time LIVE 

What’s The Investment?


Investment is $2400 AUD incl GST


3 x monthly payments AUD$900 = AUD$2,700 incl GST

**This is an introductory offer and I won't be offering again at this price**

Land just one high value client because you stood apart from the crowd with your well crafted smart video - and you will stand apart - and you have recouped your investment many times over.



"Before I met Julian, I had never made a video post in my entire life. In the three weeks after I met him, I not only posted videos every few days, I learnt to do my own video editing and hosted an online panel discussion on video. His genius is his ability to cut through the noise and simplify the process to its essence so that just with the few master level techniques he passes on, anyone can master video"

Srene Seng
Director of Corporate Engagement

"I just attended Julian’s Get Video Smart seminar and I can honestly say I have never before got such value for money in a course.  The content is like a massive brain dump!  He has the most easy, practical and common sense solutions for your to use to help streamline the process, improve the results and really allow you to connect to your audience. "

Scott Farley
Principal Designer at F3 Industrial Design

Other Questions

If you are not thrilled with Session 1 and Session 2, then I’ll quickly and quietly refund all your money with a smile and genuine best wishes. After Session 3 starts there are no refunds.

No. Get Video Smart is platform agnostic. Both Android and iOS are on equal grounds in my workshops and courses. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve with your smartphone, regardless of its digital religion.

I exclusively edit on Camtasia. It is my #1 recommendation for DIY business videos. All my examples will be shown using Camtasia. You can take the principles and apply them to most other editing platforms.

I recommend you consider Camtasia. It is a great investment. 

There are multiple. The primary one I will demonstrate during the course is Kinemaster as it is iOS and Android.

You will need to be applying yourself outside of the nominated course sessions. It is, after all, a 6 week INTENSIVE workshop.

You will not be able to download the videos.You will retain access to all course material.


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