Are You Using Your Smartphone To Your Advantage?


If you aren't sold on the idea that smartphones can deliver quality, then you are missing out on opportunities to drive your business, your vision, your mission.

Below is a formula I use to create FAST promotional videos for events. You can download and keep it.

Immediately below that is a video I made using this very formula.

Below that are 3 more videos made with smartphones. 2 are by me. One is by Hollywood. 

Download Event Formula PDF

This is a video I made with this formula.  I was a guest at this event and shot this in between socialising and learning. Just my smartphone, a script and some clear directions to the people speaking on camera. No external microphones were used. No tripods. No lights. I edited this using Camtasia. This video was PUT TO WORK on social channels before most other guests were home from the event. I can show you how to make videos for your business, just like this. 


Just How Good Can Smartphone Videos Be?

Watch this. It is a beautiful, beautiful short drama called Daughter, shot on an iPhone 11 by Oscar-nominated filmmakers. It's seven minutes long and you might get a little choked up watching, so keep tissues nearby.


Start With What You Have

These next two are simple travel videos I shot. The first on an iPhone 7. The other is on an iPhone 11. Both are my everyday phone, with credit cards and cash tucked in the case. All these shots are opportunity shots. I see them and pull my phone from my pocket. Both videos are edited on smartphones using free apps. The phones are held in my hands; there are no external stabilisers. The inbuilt apps make it steady. The slo-mo effect is standard on most phones. With my guidance, you can do this on your phone too. You don't need the latest and greatest. Start with what you have.


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