This simple habit has kick started many new journeys

Turn off the TV. Slip on headphones. Go for a walk. Listen to a podcast.

I'll send you 24 hand picked podcast episodes that will inspire you, challenge some assumptions and get you started on designing the life you want instead of just managing the life you've got  **plus you get smarter and better looking!

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You have world class, life changing knowledge and inspiration waiting for you in your pocket - your smartphone - and it’s 100% free.

One day, another, soon it will be a hundred days. You now have a habit. You will literally be mentally and physically different but more importantly you have already gained momentum. Momentum is critical. 

Start walking and listening and you are starting your master class in working with change, not against it.

You can graduate with a degree in optimism

and … you can become smarter and better looking doing it.

Step out onto Footpath University today.