'Video Bootcamp' Workshop

A one-day or two-day workshop that gets you and your team 21st century 'video ready' to satisfy your customer's hungry appetite for video.

...and your whole business benefits

What you learn can be implemented across all areas of your business and by e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e from the coalface to the C-Suite

You'll learn to use your smartphone to make affordable and authentic business videos that resonate with 21st century customers so they want to do business with you

It's the video age. Video job applications, customer explainer videos, video emails. The expectation that we know how to present and make videos is upon us. Every business needs video-literate and video-confident people. Discover how the smartphone - that pocket-sized TV studio sitting idle on everyone's desk - can fast track you, your team and your business into having an unfair advantage in your marketplace.



  • Fill your sales pipeline
  • Be able to create short purposeful videos that matter. If they matter then they will watched.
  • Better connect with customers, staff, peers
  • Build trust
  • Reduce the time you spend on email
  • Improve your 'likeability' factor on video
  • Appear confident and relaxed in your videos
  • Build morale within your business
  • Improve employee engagement scores
  • Be more productive in less time
  • Get personal messages to more people without having to be there in person
  • Bridge the generation gap between leadership and staff
  • How To Fix Your Nervousness
  • How To Make the Smartphone Make You Look Smart
  • How To Get Clear Sound First Time, Every Time
  • How To Look Younger on Video Without Plastic Surgery
  • Why You Don't Like Watching Yourself On Camera And How To Get Over It
  • How To Be Yourself: Because an Original Is Worth More Than A Copy
  • How To Write A Script To Build Instant Rapport
  • How To Tame The Technology So You Control It, Not The Other Way Around

You'll feel confident to start making videos

You'll be able to produce videos that can carry a message and look good

You'll start to feel comfortable in front of the camera

You'll be well on your way to being a casually confident presenter

Get Video Smart Confidence Ladder




  • Productivity boost #1: You'll make much greater use of the $1500 productivity tool (smartphone) in your pocket.
  • Productivity boost #2: You won't spend 3 hours making a one minute video. I will get you making videos up to 6 times faster.
  • You leave with the tools and techniques and strategies that will boost your business.
  • You'll be able to integrate video into your business immediately.
  • The Cut-Through Video Presentation Skills I share with you will not just prepare you for the camera, it will help you shine on stage, whether that is in the boardroom or before 500 people.
  • You'll get script templates to 'smarten up' your messages and speed up your production.
  • You will learn video tips that most video experts still don't understand.
  • You and your team will become more confident, both on-camera and off.
  • You'll save potentially thousands of dollars by not buying useless, over-hyped, unnecessary equipment


...and you and your team have fun

One or Two Day workshop?

One Day workshop: Up to 12 participants

Intro to video strategy for your business

Intro to being confident on video

Hands on intro to how to shoot video

Hands on intro to editing and publishing video


Two day workshop: Up to 12 participants

Everything in one day workshop, plus on the second day, participants can apply everything from day one to be able to script, record and edit their own unique video that can be immediately put to use in their workplace.


If you have more than 12 participants, we can negotiate a solution.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone in Sales wanting to

  • introduce new products
  • send personalised thankyou's to customers
  • introduce themselves to new customers
  • create explainer videos for customers

Communications Teams wanting to

  • gather better quality video content, more often
  • with less hassle and less resistance from staff to be involved

Mid to Senior Leaders / Business Owners wanting to

  • help their people understand WHY?
  • welcome new members when they can't be there in person
  • make brief announcements about job openings, compliance requirements
  • reduce the time they spend on emails
  • keep their team current
  • give progress updates

Anyone involved in training and educating their teams

  • give the opportunity to staff to take ownership of the experience and knowledge they have. Creating in-house training is straightforward, exciting, morale-boosting, cost-effective, quickly updatable.

Anyone wanting to make outstanding video job-applications

  • make yourself stand out from the rest
  • get yourself seen inside an organisation before ever stepping a foot in the door.



  • either full day / two days of easy to understand, easy to action training
  • Your copy of the book 'Get Video Smart'
  • tea/coffee
  • lunch break
  • My deep experience. I will answer specific questions. I will stay until every question you have is answered.

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