Mojo Makeover Workshop

Give your employees a mojo makeover and you get happier and more productive people rolling up to work.

Remember how they strode into the interview with their can-do attitude, their answers oozed energy and drive. What happened? Now getting unhappy employees to start things without you having to ask them and to complete tasks without you having to ride them endlessly, well, you’ll have as much luck as pushing a piece of string.

Being unhappy at work is not a life sentence. This straight shooting program leads your team to the empowering conclusion that accepting personal responsibility unlocks opportunity and puts them squarely back in control of the bright future they still desire.


In this workshop, employees will:


  • Confront the idea that leaving for greener pastures will solve their problems.
  • Reframe how they see their job. What opportunities are they missing out on? Where they may be self sabotaging?
  • Understand if they don’t have a career strategy then they are part of someone else's strategy
  • Get them un-stuck as a Blame Maker and moving ahead as a Responsibility Taker… how saying ‘I was wrong’ can make things so right
  • What self defeating assumptions are they stubbornly holding onto
  • Learn if they want to be valued, they have to be valuable … and there's a great way to approach this
  • Gain a step by step process to self-initiate and self-manage change

Shift from Apathetic to Activated

This workshop is all about creating a win/win/win situation for employers, employees and the families of both these groups.

Employers know that:

  • absenteeism + poor personal accountability + poor decision making = low productivity
  • that it costs 2.5x an employee’s salary to replace them
  • that poor employee experience = poor customer experience

... and employees slump because they feel disempowered, they have no self determination.

I open the door to responsibility and give them a view to a better and wholly achievable alternative way of approaching their career. This starts the needle moving. They see they can elevate themselves from irresponsible and disempowered to responsible and empowered. They go from apathetic to activated.

For the employer productivity and morale improve. For everyone’s families, well, they get that happy person back in their lives.


"As the leader of a business it was great to see my team so engaged with a presentation which asked the hard questions about personal accountability and empowering staff to take ownership of their decisions ...We all got so much from the session" - Mark Everingham, Managing Director Personal Risk Professionals Pty Ltd

Easy To Promote

All the work is done for you to promote this workshop to your employees. Short videos, pre written email templates, brochures are supplied.

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Understand the strategy that moves employees from unproductive to productive, frustrated to optimistic, disorganised to focused.


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I run half day or full day workshops in all major centres in Australia.


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