Who I Help

Audiences wanting to be energised

My Courage Keynotes are perfect if you have a conference/event coming up. I wrap up everything you need to know about using the Courage Compass with rollicking stories from my days as an army sniper, globe-trotting cameraman and magician.

Individuals wanting to walk taller

I work individuals who aren’t sure how to navigate this decade of career disruption. Perfect for anyone who’s not sure what they would do if they lost their job or anyone eyeing off a better job.

Workplaces running on 3 cylinders

I work with businesses to get their staff back on track when they’ve lost their way at work. Perfect for any businesses with a disengaged workforce. If you bring a team of leaders together I can unpack the workings in one of my workshops.

Let's talk

and start a discussion that will quickly let us know if we should work together. "The best thing to do is the right thing, the next best thing to do is the wrong thing but the worst thing to do is nothing."


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