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What does being a partner mean?

Becoming a partner with me means that if you think that Get Video Smart is a worthy idea and you feel you want to share the concept and the courses with someone else, then if that person ends up enrolling in the course I will give you a split, a share of the profits.

It is a win / win situation for both of us. You can earn some extra income without having to do all the heavy lifting that I've done to create all of this. I, on the other hand, have you promoting this for me, so in a sense you are selling for me and I reward you for that.

You may hear this arrangement called Affiliate Marketing. Yes, you can call this arrangement that for sure. I really do prefer Partner. If we can both grow and benefit and help others at the same time then that's a win/win/win. That to me is a partnership.

Modern technology makes all of this very easy to do and very easy to monitor and record. You essentially have to do very little. It all happens behind the scenes for you. It is very transparent and you see exactly how much you are owed at all times.

I'll take you through the process now. 

Start by READING THIS ENTIRE PAGE FIRST then complete the steps.


Step 1 Create Your Account

Go here to sign up to create your partner account. Save your password and log in details somewhere safe.

NOTE: You will need to enter your PayPal email address. This is the only way I can pay you. There is currently NO alternative so please do not ask. It is easy enough to create a PayPal account.



Create Your Account Here

Step 2 Log In

When you want to log in to your partner dashboard this is the link to use ( save this as a bookmark in your browser).



Log in to Partner Dashboard

Your dashboard looks like this...

Step 3 Get Your Sharelink

When you are logged into your dashboard as explained above then you copy your UNIQUE sharelinks. Give this link to anyone you might think would benefit from my courses. If this person makes a purchase within 30 days (of them clicking your unique link) then you get credited with your percentage of the sale as noted in the initial correspondence with you.

This will automatically show up in your dashboard. You can see how many people clicked on your link and how many conversions (actual sales) were made. 

Step 4 Get Paid Quarterly

At the end of each quarter I will pay you any monies earned (your commissions) into your PayPal account. This is the only method of payment available. There is no wiggle room on this at all so please do not ask.

You can see at all times what your sales have been by using the reporting section in your dashboard.

Technology being what it is is imperfect. If there are any discrepancies (unlikely) just contact me and we'll get it sorted quickly.


You get up to 40% of the price that is being offered on my website.

You will get a split from any course/product on the page you link that your referral customer decides to purchase.

Business Video Essentials 40%

Business Video Bootcamp 40%

Business Video Mastery 25%

I reserve the right to change course / product prices with notice. I reserve the right to run specials and promotions without notice.

I reserve the right to change partner commission rates from those advertised here but this will be with notice.

I reserve the right to remove any person from this partner program - without notice - who damages my online reputation by abusing the privileges of this program. Put another way: NO SPAMMING.  Only refer people who this is a genuine fit for. 

Resources to Help You Get the Word Out

Suggested copy

This Free Virtual Masterclass Shows How You Can Make Simple and Measurably Effective Business Videos With Your Smartphone at a fraction of the cost and without all the waiting

Hosted by Julian Mather: a ‘reformed’ world-class videographer whose only camera now is a smartphone. 


Download Image

Suggested Copy

Win more business with a smartphone and a smile

Outsourcing video is so 20th century! Agile, inexpensive DIY videos that go for leads instead of likes are in. Use your smartphone and a smile to win trust, shorten sales cycles and stop your business turning invisible in the digital age.

Download Image

Headline Swipe File

  • COVID19 to GOVID20
  • BYO smartphone for DIY business videos
  • Send a video, not a thousand words
  • Simple videos that get you face to face with more people more often
  • Unleash your inner movie star
  • Give yourself a confidence re boot
  • Confidence is the gateway to growth
  • From shy to shine, from video disaster to video master
  • Do you have out-of-date thinking about video that's holding you back from growing your business?
  • How to produce dazzling videos in-house on a budget
  • You invest hundreds in a smartphone video workshop and save thousands on video equipment
  • With storytelling and video strategy in your toolkit, you’ll be unstoppable.

Copy Swipe File

(mix'n'match to create a message tailored to the needs of your tribe)

There was a time when business clacked away on typewriters and looked at word processors as a novel idea that would fade away.

Look at us now. As we bash away on our desktop keyboards many hope video is a novelty that will fade away but...

Video for business is here. Why? Because we have to meet our customers where they are and they love the convenience of video on their smartphones.

But isn't video expensive and hard? It was before the smartphone .

smartphones are not technically better than bigger cameras

smartphones are not spelling the end of video crews

smartphones do not make instantly make you Steven Spielberg

however smartphones have this HUGE advantage for business...

They are a pocket sized TV station that you can research, schedule, record, edit, market test and publish business-boosting videos FAST to a world demanding more and more to be communicated to via video on their smartphones

and you and everyone in your team/business/organisation already has one ... it's a 21st century business gift that’s literally at your fingertips

Smartphones are the agile, authentic and affordable way to boost marketing, sales and communications and if you have a smartphone then you can start benefiting right away because I’m sharing Business Video Bootcamp.

This online training course is the gold standard in smartphone video training for business.

You’ll be able to…

create your own 'video machine' that you put an idea in one end and out pops a video at the other when you need it.

get more leads

get the jump on competitors sleeping though this important change

introduce new products

speak to younger audiences

send a video, not a thousand words

videos get better open rates than emails

make your own training videos

raise confidence among your team

prepare yourself for video job applications

blow customer satisfaction through the roof

expand your digital footprint faster. Video comes up higher in search results.

come across as dynamic, knowledgeable and genuine – a real leader in your field!

Become your own PR machine. Journalists are constantly looking for interesting and engaging stories they can develop for their viewers and listeners. Offering pre-made photos and videos makes your story more attractive to time poor journos.

Video has a magic effect that writing doesn’t: people can see and hear and feel your emotions. They see you take care, that you are sincere, that you are earnest, that you have energy, that you’re fun to be a round. Leverage this in all areas of your business.

Turn your office into a DIY studio - you're likely have everything you need already

Start right now and make simple and measurably effective business videos with your smartphone at a fraction of the cost and without all the waiting

Remember to add your UNIQUE share links throughout your email

Some Tips

  • The best way to be able to earn some extra income from any products of mine is to experience them yourself. If you use them and believe in the value of them then your recommendations will be genuine.

  • Do not be a spammer and bulk send these links to people. You will end up with few friends.

  • Only send people to YOUR Sharelink. Do not just tell them to go to my website or you will not receive your share any sale made.

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