Could you present a compelling video right now if you had to?

The expectation that we know how to present and make videos is upon us. Let me fast-track your business into the video age by showing how to use your SMARTphone to make SMART videos that will boost business, generate leads, improve confidence among your team and blow customer satisfaction through the roof.


Transition your team into the video age

Take the mystery of out of making videos and remove the fear of being on video.

Smart Sessions

One hour introductory sessions so you can understand how Getting Video Smart can work for your business

These Smart Sessions are a great way to start your day. Lively and enlightening. You'll clearly understand how your business will benefit from a smart approach to video. Sessions run for an hour and coffee is on me. Full details on booking pages.

Book 28.5.19

Upcoming Public Workshops

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This book will fast track your business into the video age

If you are not communicating with video you will become invisible. I'll send you a complimentary copy of the Get Video Smart e-book so you can start straight away and I'll keep you updated monthly with the stuff relevant to you and your business.

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Other ways to get your business video SMART


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Why Me?

Because I know EXACTLY what you are facing. 

I spent 25 years behind the camera as a TV cameraman for ABC TV, BBC, National Geographic. I gained the elite A.C.S. accreditation for cinematographers.

I moved in front of the camera by writing and presenting 700 online videos including a Youtube channel with 30 million views.

I performed 2000 magic shows.

Then there's my own journey from stutterer to professional speaker. Everything I say is lived experience underpinned by science.

"I operate at an Executive and Board level but I have always felt my communication skills were not as professional as I would like. That all changed after I spent 6 sessions with Julian Mather. I now confidently command a room while making presentations, host an industry focused podcast plus I'm heading towards presenting more videos. Whatever stage your personal life or professional career is at I recommend you contact Julian Mather and lift your communication skills to the next level."

David Byrne
Managing Director. BWD Consulting

"Julian is a master in front of and behind the video camera. His expert advice got me recording professional videos in no time at all. Thanks heaps Julian."

Peter Giesemann
Manager, Golfing Liaisons

"I learned some great tips from you that will give me a great head-start in avoiding some of the typical pitfalls that could damage my personal brand online. Your information is priceless!"

Kerryn Bond

"I've been videos for a while but there is so much more I learnt today, If you're starting out then I suggest you just get yourself to one of Julian's courses. You will save a bucketload of time, energy and money"

Dean Yeo
Real Estate Dynamics

"We've already made some videos for educating nurses but we are now going to going to produce way better, smarter, more interesting, short, to-the point videos"

Vanessa Tait & Amanda Hicks
Queensland Health

"Julian’s understanding and ability to take a complicated subject that is difficult for most people to address and make it so simple that in 90 minute workshop he helped me understand how to use video and specifically the smart phone to enhance my business and personal brand. His workshop was practical and well supported by his recent book."

Paul Jensen

"An enjoyable and very informative course. I feel quite confident to produce some well considered video now"

John Donaldson
General Manager Geology, Gold Road Resources

"Thank you too for a very intriguing, inspiring and funny presentation: it was cool, with many smiles and.... oh sooo very eye-opening. Most of us, I would say, were stunned to see how much you can do with a mobile phone when it comes to video....amazing!"

Ronald Mulder
Local Director, BforB

"I heard Julian speak about the power of video, and how we can shoot them from just our smartphones. He was able to draw me in with his utterly captivating stories, told in true theatrical traditions, unfolding scene after scene, having me at the edge of my seat. He shared the videos he has made with such aspirational artistry that they inspired me to do it in similar vein. Finally, he was able to boil down his ideas into practical, immediately implementable action steps, all within my smartphone!"

Coen Tan
Ministry of Influence

"Loved your Get Smart video workshop, Julian. Fantastic info! "

Tony Ryan

"Engaging, entertaining and brilliant! Julian Mather makes even the most ordinary person a video superstar with his tricks, tips and deep expertise and knowledge as a film maker "

Natalie Turner
Speaker, Founder of Women Who Lead

"I attended Julian's Get Smart Video classes twice. Not only is he one of the most entertaining speakers in the business, but he also makes complicated things so simple. His speech about shooting and editing video gave me so many brilliant ideas/hacks, and I thought I knew everything about the subject. His passion is infectious. No one in the room was looking at their mobile when he spoke."

Guan Hin Tay
Creative Change Catalyst

Video has become the dominant language online

Society is retraining us to consume content with a smartphone in one hand and a coffee in the other. Humans are addicted to convenience and words are too hard to read on mobile devices. Video is winning. Business needs to catch up. Use your smartphone to deliver compelling video messages that give you an unfair advantage in the marketplace

We can no longer afford to hide behind our written words

Video communication skills are no longer nice-to-have, they’re fundamental for 21st century business.

Video will account for 82% of all consumer online traffic by 2021 *CISCO vni

Video messages for business are a timely, quick, authentic way to say what needs to be said and have it heard.

What's stopping us embracing video?

The tech side scares us a bit but the truth is none of us wants to look unprofessional. We worry how we will look, how we will sound, if we will remember what to say. Will people say bad things? What about my accent? 59% of adults are more self conscious on camera than in real life.

All you need is a day and a smartphone

"Anyone using video these days for business or profile, you need to do Julian's workshop. He has a wealth of knowledge and a passion for presenting it. 5 Star workshop! "

Mike Hillsdon
Co Founder, Chatbot Agency

"A must do workshop for anyone in business wanting a fresh and innovative way to communicate with customers or potential new customers. Julian takes the mystery and fear out of making your own professional videos. Step by step, low cost and achievable with just a day's training"

Marie Ortquist
Director, Call The Office

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