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An army sniper, a magician, a globe-trotting TV cameraman walk into a bar…. No joke. Julian has earned his living and excelled in all three. Success, he shares with audiences, is surprisingly simple.

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The Lost Art of Self Discipline

How to to lift yourself from apathetic to activated

Army Sniper School introduced Julian to the surprising power of self discipline to make measurable change in his life. The measure, in this instance, was accuracy. He says, "I could - and I quote from the army manual - kill a man with one shot at ranges up to 600 metres. I am happy to report I never had to."

Self discipline, once tapped into, is the staff engagement gift that keeps on giving. Whether you are fresh from school, in a second phase career or leading a team, understanding the anchors of self discipline helps any business weather disruption.

Julian passes on to his audiences what he learned from some of the world’s best teachers in the most unique of classrooms: travelling the world as TV documentary cameraman for ABC TV for 25 years.

To complete his self discipline mastery he re-invented himself as a professional magician and topped it off by creating a successful Youtube channel with 30 million views.

Now he studies and writes on self discipline and delivers keynote talks to businesses and organisations.

Edge-of-your-seat stories from death row and helicopters balanced with laugh-out-loud moments, inspiring characters, simple truths and actionable messages.

The Greatest Illusion 

How we deceive ourselves into playing life safe

The audience will discover in one entertaining presentation what it took Julian 300,000 hours to learn; the greatest illusion is how we deceive ourselves into playing it safe.

Magicians force an audience into using mental shortcuts to try and make sense of illusions . Yes, they are playing tricks on your mind as well as your eyes. These same mental shortcuts are what hold us all back day to day in life, in business, in relationships. Julian pulls back the curtain on these assumptions that will help save the audience’s time, money and lost potential.

Julian uses a mix of magic and ripping yarns and edge-of-your-seat stories from corners of the globe and areas of the mind most never visit. The audience takes away ideas, strategies, possibility and even magic tricks they can use in their leadership. This is a one-of-a-kind keynote.


You're Better Than You Think

The surprising truth about life after school

What makes for a successful career? Brains and good looks are just part of the story. As it turns out a very small part. Thank goodness because Julian Mather was short on both. What he did know and understand was self discipline. So began a portfolio of careers as an army sniper, TV cameraman, magician, author, online entrepreneur and speaker.

In his keynote ‘You’re Better Than You Think’ the clear message your students take away is “self discipline is the price that all successful people pay … but what a bargain!”

Find out what special force soldiers, music stars, Nobel prize winners, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg really understand about self discipline and why you should know about it too.

Understand why all those bits of yourself that you see in the mirror, those bits that make you wince, are actually your greatest asset. Your uniqueness is an ace up the sleeve that most people never play.

Learn how the odds are stacked in favour of those who are willing to take imperfect action. Great news for those paralysed by the fear of getting it wrong Julian pulls back the curtain on a whole lot of misinformed ideas that school leavers have about what it takes to make it in the world after school and lights an optimistic path for anyone willing to roll up their sleeves and give it a shot.

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