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An army sniper, a magician, a globe trotting TV cameraman walk into a bar...

No joke! I've been all three. The simple truth is I was not gifted in any of them. I learned that hard work and resilience and attitude beats talent. I learned every workplace is a university or a prison and I held the keys. Is this a message you want your employees to hear?

Being unhappy at work is not a life sentence

If you have lost your sense of hope and opportunity in your job then know this ... you’re not alone. Globally people feel deflated at work. There’s a mismatch between what employees hope for and what  jobs can deliver. There's a lot of frustration that things aren't better.

Problem is frustration often looks like the wrong attitude. Many employees are self sabotaging opportunities right at their fingertips as they stumble on, feeling  unrecognised, unappreciated, unheard.

The good news is attitude - the way you approach life and work - can be rekindled and forged into a tool that works for you, not against.

The right attitude is rare these days… and what’s rare becomes valuable. This book shows you how to become valuable, in the process elevating yourself from demanding to in demand.

This book shows you how to reclaim your worth. 

Find out how you can stand-up, get noticed and get back in control of your hopes and ambitions. 

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"I don't think we have ever had such an entertaining and educational feature at any previous meetings. The most impressive point is that each of our 115 attendees could take something practical away that they could use on a daily basis in their workplace, I really don't think I have seen a group of medical professionals laugh that much!" Adam Westerink- Australian Institute of Radiography

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Keynotes that get audiences leaning in

The Biggest Magic Secret Of All

Why do magicians never reveal their secrets? They know that what’s rare is valuable. What’s rare in the workplace these days is the right attitude. Julian helps the audience make the connection between their attitude and their career ambitions. Using entertaining magic and unique, first hand, jaw dropping stories, he shows the audience how to do real magic: how they can turn a negative work situation into a positive one.


$5 Solution To A Billion Dollar Problem

Companies are struggling with an employee engagement crisis. By the end of this talk deflated employees understand that their future is their responsibility. They learn the simple ABC of job satisfaction. They get the tools they need. The clear message is stop self sabotaging your career. This talk will have delegates thinking long into the night .

Unlikely Teachers

I introduce the audience to characters I wrote about in my popular memoir The Second Best Job In The World - the extraordinary adventures of an ABC cameraman. Engaging stories from death row and helicopters balanced with laugh-out-loud moments, inspiring characters, simple truths and actionable messages. This talk sets a tone of real opportunity. Great for kicking off conferences.

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