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Have you got something to say but struggle to show up on video and say it? Great news. Video shyness is not a life sentence. You too can go from shy to shine.

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" Julian has helped transform the way we work! He has taken us from an organisation of "video introverts" to an organisation of "video extroverts"
Aandrea Murray, Comms Specialist, New Zealand

We all have a different story... 

I was a stutterer and a people pleaser.

I learned if I opened my mouth to speak it made others uncomfortable.

Guess what? I didn't open my mouth. I was labelled shy. 

This was the start of my fear of video. 

Can you pinpoint yours?

I loved learning but hated school.

So I wagged class—a lot.

I educated myself at the library with photojournalism books.

Photojournalists observe. No speaking. Cunning career plan huh?

I joined the army. They said they needed photographers. They lied. They stuck me in the infantry. That's when the yelling started. 

I became a sniper. No more yelling. No speaking either.

I became a documentary cameraman. Hiding behind the camera; observing through the lens. No speaking.

I was affected by the people in front of my lens.

I was embarrassed. I had things to say too but not the confidence to say it.

I was mystified. Why was it easy for them?

I felt excluded. Those in the light get more opportunities than those in the shadows.

I felt small. Comparing myself stopped me from playing a bigger game I knew I could be part of.

There was one time that I was envious of those I was with. I missed getting on a flight with them. The plane crashed. They died.

I reflected.  I saw that comparing myself to others had stunted me.

Would my shyness be a life sentence? I said no.

I backed my ideas and beliefs and walked away from my TV career to change the world.

I created a program to teach philanthropy to school children. It failed.

Failure is not a life sentence.

I became a magician. I did 2000 shows. That cured my stutter.

I started a Youtube channel with one rule: I couldn't compare myself to other channels. I didn't. 

People loved me being me. 30 million views. 140K subscribers.

I built and sold a business selling online courses.

Then three online business failures in a row.

Remember, failure nor shyness are life sentences.

By now I had fallen in love with speaking up.

I became a professional speaker.  A new career… until… Covid! 

and I haven't been able to restart it.

I now know that setbacks are not life sentences

but many leaders think their video shyness is a life sentence. 

If this is you I want to help. It's important I try.

In a digital world, if you want to touch more hearts, shift more minds and move more feet then there's no better way than to build trust with video.

 And the world needs you now more than ever.


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"I am amazed at how I have gone from terrified to totally comfortable with video (of me). Its’ been quite a transformation"   

Tony Latimer, Master Executive Coach, Singapore

But most people hate the whole idea of being on video

I know. I've helped corporate CEO's, judges, military brass, sporting elite, even actors go from shy to shine in front of the lens.

And I've lived it myself.

If you've read this far you already know that video shyness is not a life sentence. 

But it just gets better.

Most people don’t realise that video has become an amazing productivity tool too!

Just by showing up on video you can expect to...

  • reduce email
  • cut meeting times
  • be in two places at once
  • have fewer misunderstandings
  • run distributed teams better
  • de-escalate upset customers and staff
  • attract better quality new hires
  • boost morale
  • be seen as the trusted authority

So whether you are...

  • building a business
  • inspiring a team
  • leading a movement
  • connecting a tribe
  • driving a vision
  • backing yourself

Can't wait to be able to share just how easy this has become for you to do.

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"Julian made the scary possible and now making my own videos is as natural as breathing"   

Jacinta Cubis, Melbourne, Australia