"There are speakers who offer you fresh perspectives as subject matter experts. There are speakers who speak with the rousing fervour of evangelists. There are speakers who are so just so enjoyable to listen to as storytellers.  Julian was all three in one compelling package" - Coen Tan, Ministry of Influence

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Talks to prepare your business for the 21st century

The Second Best Job In The World

Everything changes fast these days. Keeping up is hard. The ability to learn, unlearn and relearn is an essential 21C skill. Julian has made an art form out of embracing change: army sniper to globe-trotting TV cameraman to magician to speaker. The audience discovers the transformation secrets that took him 25 years to learn... and they find out who has the best job in the world! 

Get Video Smart

The video age for business has arrived but there’s a reluctance to use it. Why? Simply we feel self conscious in front of the camera. Problem is, that’s out of date thinking and it’s holding back business. This assumption busting talk makes clear that video for 21C business is different. Your audience realise that in a world hungry for truth, it’s them with their lumps and bumps and wrinkles that will drive the authentic, agile marketing machine… and they’ll do it with that pocket sized TV station called their smartphone. This motivational presentation is the perfect way to kickstart video in your organisation.

"thank you a million times over for our highest energy, most fun event in a very long time, Julian"

Brooke Donovan
IABC Qld Board

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"Engaging, entertaining and brilliant! I heard Julian speak at the Asia Professional Speaker's Convention in Singapore and he wowed the audience. I highly recommend him for your next event. "

Natalie Turner
Founder of Women who Lead

"Not only is he one of the most entertaining speakers in the business, but he also makes complicated things so simple. When Julian speaks, everyone listens. No one in the room was looking at their mobile when he spoke."

Guan Hin Tay
Creative Change Catalyst

Why Julian Mather?

My signature style has inspirational storytelling, unique content, compelling visuals, humour, practical tips...and a bit of magic

My talks focus on preparing for the future by teaching two essential 21C skills:

21C Learning: the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn.

21C Video: that’s video literacy, the ability to make video and video confidence, the ability to be on video.

Businesses that can retain staff in a fast changing world and skill those staff to communicate to customers the way they are demanding - through video on their smartphone - will have a competitive edge.

"Loved It!!! Irresistible storytelling, compelling visuals, humour and practical tips to apply. It was so worth the standing ovation you received"

Karolina Gwinner
Executive Coach and Author

" Outstanding event! I found Julian’s storytelling and entertaining delivery to be ‘can’t look away’ compelling"

Sarah Oxlade
Transformation Senior Specialist, Telstra

Let's see how I can make your event memorable

"I don't think we have ever had such an entertaining and educational feature at any previous sessions. The most impressive point is that each of our attendees could take something practical away that they could use on a daily basis in their workplace, I really don't think I have seen a group of medical professionals laugh that much!" Adam Westerink- Australian Institute of Radiography

"Julian has the ability to get the audience engaged, interested and wanting to learn more. Julian does not just make the audience laugh, he makes them laugh in a way that makes them learn"

Fredrik Haren
President, Asia Professional Speakers Singapore

"The colleague I sat next to and I both agreed; you're a great speaker. Your message delivery was top notch!"

Mike Melendez
Business Development Manager, Business Events at Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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