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Keynote Talks For The Changing Times

Every member of your audience has to accept that change no longer happens at a gentle pace. Whether 20 or 60 they - and their families - will likely experience rapid career change first hand. Learn how to manage change from someone who is turning career reinvention into an art form.

The Second Best Job In The World

I observed people, from Prince to Pauper, during my 25 years travelling the world as a TV cameraman and success leaves clues. You discover in 45 mins what it took me a quarter century to learn. Rollicking stories, unforgettable characters... and you learn who has the best job in the world!

Get Career Smart

The way we all work is changing. You can't win a new game playing by the old rules. Crossing your fingers and hoping it will pass is no longer an option. Your audience will learn how a S.M.A.R.T. career strategy can restore their mojo, unlock unseen potential within their existing jobs and future proof their careers. You win, your people win, your customers win. 

Get Video Smart

Smart phones are changing the way we communicate. More people on the planet own a smartphone than own a toothbrush... and smart devices favour video. It's the new essential career skill. Your audience will learn how to make S.M.A.R.T. videos and get ahead of the rest of the workplace stuck making D.U.M.B. videos.

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"I don't think we have ever had such an entertaining and educational feature at any previous sessions. The most impressive point is that each of our attendees could take something practical away that they could use on a daily basis in their workplace, I really don't think I have seen a group of medical professionals laugh that much!" Adam Westerink- Australian Institute of Radiography


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