"If you want to be valued, be valuable. Who's valuable in a fast-changing world? People who can change."

- Julian Mather


Why do some people lead such rewarding lives?


Julian Mather found out and it wasn't what he thought. For 25 years as a National Geographic, ABC and BBC cameraman he got up close and personal with some of the world’s most interesting people like Sir Edmund Hillary, Elon Musk, space shuttle astronauts and the world's happiest man.

He discovered a simple formula that would change his life and lead him to do things he never thought he would do.

We can apply this formula to our lives. It’ll help us deal with the demands of a fast-changing world. We'll take change in our stride. We'll grow personally and professionally. 

BONUS! It makes you smarter and better looking* too. *Results may vary 🤦‍♂️

"Tell a person to change and they'll resent you for a day. Teach a person to change and they'll repay you in resilience for a lifetime"

- Julian Mather




This unique session introduces the audience to THE REWARDING LIFE FORMULA. It’s 3 Rules For Change that most people don’t even know exist.

They’re easy to remember. They’re easy to use. They can be used by everyone from the frontline staff to senior management.  A valuable resource for managers and HR professionals.

And we have fun. There are big ideas and big stories that are fresh, original and unique. There are moments where the audience looks inward with emotional reflections, then laughs out loud at mind-bending magic. 


and we don't just talk about change...

the audience lives it.


Audience members come on stage and do something they never thought they could do...

with big smiles, they make their very first balloon dog.


Want a resilient workforce?


Then stop telling them to be resilient! Instead, get them change-ready.

Call a team meeting and announce we need to be more resilient and watch them roll their eyes and groan. They know what's expected of them, but they want someone to show them how. Empowering them with real-world change skills matters more than ever because the old way of doing organisational change is broken.

Change Management is Broken

Traditional ways of implementing change in organisations aren't working any longer. In top-down structures, the bosses held all the key information, and memos made their way down the hierarchical ladder.  Now employees have more access to information about their jobs, business environment, and each other. Now it's a top-down, bottom-up, let's do this together way of tackling change. How are you going to do this if your people don't understand the basics of change?


Change-Ready employees are key to successful change

of organizations manage change from the top down yet half of change initiatives fail, and...

only 34% are a clear success.

But organisations that involve employees in change implementation have a 22% jump in success 

and cut implementation time by one-third [Changing Change Management - Gartner 2024]

The benefits of change resistant to change-ready change is like painting a house.

If you don’t do the sanding, if you don’t do the undercoating, if you don’t do the all-important prep work then the cracks start showing, the paint starts peeling and the regret sets in. Why didn't we do this properly the first time!

CHANGEABILITY is change done properly. It's a one-time preparation for years of successful change. It's the gift that keeps on giving. It’s commercially smart.

THE REWARDING LIFE FORMULA keynote (and a CHANGEABILITY workshop in the future) will set you up to get through this disruption and the next... and the next... and the next.