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Creating Magic Moments

'Magic Moments' are aha moments. This series of keynotes takes leaders from confusion to clarity using emotionally compelling storytelling, audience pleasing magic and strategy underpinned with science. They 'see' the possibility of simpler solutions to nagging workplace problems.

Untold Secrets

Why do some lead effortlessly and others struggle just to follow? Julian observed people, from Prince to Pauper, during his 25 years travelling the world as a TV cameraman and success leaves clues. You discover in 45 mins what it took Julian a quarter century to learn.

Five Dollar Solutions

Big dollars are being spent on improving productivity and engagement. Julian cheekily asks leaders, 'how's that been working out for you so far?' Could there be $5 solutions to these billion dollar problems? Fresh thinking and strategy for disillusioned leaders.

Biggest Magic Secret

Why do magicians never reveal their secrets? They know that what’s rare is valuable. What’s rare in the workplace these days is the right attitude. The audience makes the connection between their attitude and their career ambitions. Now for real magic: how they can turn a negative work situation into a positive one.


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"I don't think we have ever had such an entertaining and educational feature at any previous sessions. The most impressive point is that each of our attendees could take something practical away that they could use on a daily basis in their workplace, I really don't think I have seen a group of medical professionals laugh that much!" Adam Westerink- Australian Institute of Radiography


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