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Motivational Speaker on Leading Humans Through Change







Army sniper to kids magician

Cameraman to change maker

Stutterer to master storyteller

Motivational Keynote Speaker

The great challenge leaders can overcome...

if they want their employees to embrace change, is not to shy away from the hard truth that it falls on employees' shoulders to make it work.

As Harvard Business School says... if you can't change your people, you can't change anything.

Well, that's awkward. How do you tell them that?

Honest conversations about change are so much easier when employees can see someone, like them, who has been to the other side of change, made it through safe and best of all… has a map.



Dr Neryl East Communications expert

"Absolutely brilliant whether live or virtual"

Dr Neryl East, Communications Expert

Dr Neryl East Communications expert

"Loved your keynote! Highlight of the conference!"

Kerri Richards, Founder and Director

"Irresistible storytelling, compelling visuals, humour and practical tips to apply"

Karolina Gwinner, Executive Coach

"Julian’s storytelling and entertaining delivery are ‘can’t look away’ compelling"

Sarah Oxlade, Transformation Specialist, Telstra

"Quirky, authentic, professional and fun. Julian Mather is not only a video expert, he’s also a professional speaker and humourist. He kept me 110% engaged the entire time."

Nina Sunday, Managing Director

Hmm, but can I do virtual events?

"In all honesty, we were apprehensive about doing a fully virtual session. It turned out to be the best decision we could have made. What Julian came up with blew everyone's mind. His high-energy presentation had the audience hooked from the first minute. It was nothing short of magical. Easily one of the most popular sessions over the 3-day conference"

Soffian Mohammed Amin, HRD Corp, Malaysia

"Teachers were asked to nominate a highlight. Your session came up over and over again"

Kelly Harrison, Languages Roadshow

"This will add value to other areas of my role like public speaking and presenting "

John Donaldson, GM Geology, Gold Road Resources

"Your insight into our profession and your planning prior to the evening was remarkable"

Adam Westerink, Aust Inst of Radiography

"There are speakers who offer you fresh perspectives as subject matter experts. There are speakers who speak with the rousing fervour of evangelists. There are speakers who are so just so enjoyable to listen to as storytellers.  Julian was all three in one compelling package"

Coen Tan, Ministry of Influence, Singapore

"An outstanding virtual session. It was like we were sitting with you" 
Glen SharkeyLeadership Trainer and Speaker

"Captivating and entertaining at our  virtual event... amazing feedback from our members"

Rob Robertson, PSANZ Board Member

"Such an interactive & engaging virtual presenter. "

Ida Laino, Australasian Events & Education Manager, APPO

"Thank you a million times over for our highest energy, most fun event in a very long time"

Brooke Donovan, IABC Board Qld

"Fabulous presentation. Even the most technically-challenged benefited."

Greg Ward, Virtual Host and Online Presenter

"He makes complicated things so simple. When Julian speaks, everyone listens."

Guan Hin Tay, Creative Change Catalyst

“powerful content sliced with humour.. kept us totally engaged and wanting more”

Shanti Subramaniam, Business Coach

"a highly engaging, humorous, thought-provoking and entertaining speaker. You won't be disappointed "

Kerri Richards, Founder and Director

"Your session at HRDCorp in Malaysia was a hit and many are still talking about it!  So many participants have struggled to get their businesses to survive. You can't imagine how you have inspired them to believe in their own capacity."

Bavani Perisamy, speaker and leadership coach