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Keynote Speaker Change Resilience

Change with a twist!

Change sucks, right! It’s disruptive. It’s painful and every year we're told to be more resilient!

But how? How do you change? Someone show us!

I never considered myself good at change until I went from

  • free-range kid to army sniper
  • home movies¬†to¬†National Geographic cameraman ‚Ä®
  • fumbling card tricks to a professional magician
  • never swinging a hammer to building a home
  • high school dropout to published author
  • business illiterate to building & selling a business
  • stutterer to motivational speaker

Turns out I know how to change, I know how to make it simple, and I know how to stand on stage & make it fun so others want to do it too.


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Australia Change Resilience Speaker



How do we expect people to be able to change if we never show them how to change? Get your people change-ready for this disruption, and the next... and the next.  A fun session full of big ideas, big stories, takeaway tactics, laughter, magic & balloon twisting.

A keynote that brings change to life!


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"Irresistible storytelling, compelling ideas, funny, world-class"

Karolina Gwinner, Charismatic Leaders, Singapore

Some of Julian's change topics.


Stop blaming people for where you are and take responsibility for where you are going.



You can’t win a new game playing by old rules.




You need to do a lot of small things you don’t want to do so you can do the big things you want to do.


If I don’t want to... you can’t make me but if I’ve decided to.. you can’t stop me.



Resisting change in an ever changing world takes as much effort as changing.



The best thing to do is the right thing. The next best thing to do is the wrong thing. The worst thing to do is nothing.


Don’t quit too soon. Outside solutions rarely solve inside problems. 



If you want to be valued, be valuable. Who is valuable in a fast-changing world? Those who can change. Future-proof your employability.



In a fast-changing world real learning starts when you leave school. Ignoring this puts you at a disadvantage.


Great to see my team so engaged with a presentation

Mark Everingham, Managing Director, Personal Risk Professionals 

Easily one of the most popular sessions over the 3-day conference.

Soffian Amin
Chief Program Officer, HRD Corp


The team is absolutely buzzing

Caet Young, Head of Comms at GIVIT.org



 Through a telescopic sight as an army sniper. Through the TV lens as a globe-trotting cameraman for ABCTV, National Geographic and BBC. Through smoke and mirrors as a professional magician. He has learned from Sir Edmund Hillary, Elon Musk, death row inmates and space shuttle pilots. He's traveled far but his longest journeys have been from behind the camera to in front of it. From stutterer to professional speaker. From shy to shine.

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Conference Planners Guide To Change And Resilience Speakers: 10 Part Series


In a world that constantly evolves, the narratives of change and resilience become guiding beacons for individuals navigating the seas of transformation. This article explores the diverse journeys of individuals who have not only faced significant changes in their lives but have also emerged as compelling speakers, sharing their stories of resilience.

From the fields of sports and adventure to the realms of politics, literature, and business, these speakers have transformed personal challenges into narratives of inspiration. Join us as we delve into the unique perspectives of change and resilience speakers who were once celebrated in sports arenas, ventured into the unknown, shaped political landscapes, penned transformative words, graced television and cinema screens, faced life-threatening situations, glided through the water as swimmers, unraveled the mysteries of science, and charted their paths as entrepreneurs.


  1. Change and Resilience Speakers Who Were Sports Stars
  2. Change and Resilience Speakers Who Were Adventurers
  3. Change and Resilience Speakers Who Were Politicians
  4. Change and Resilience Speakers Who Were Writers
  5. Change and Resilience Speakers Who Were TV Presenters
  6. Change and Resilience Speakers Who Were Movie Stars
  7. Change and Resilience Speakers Who Were Rescued
  8. Change and Resilience Speakers Who Were Swimmers
  9. Change and Resilience Speakers Who Were Scientists
  10. Change and Resilience Speakers Who Were Business Owners



As we conclude our exploration of change and resilience speakers across diverse realms, one resounding theme emerges the human spirit's capacity to triumph over adversity. From the athletic fields to the political stage, the pages of literature, the screens of cinema, the depths of the ocean, and the frontiers of science and business, these speakers share a common thread of resilience.

Their stories transcend individual experiences, resonating with audiences worldwide, and encouraging us all to embrace change with courage and navigate life's challenges with unwavering strength. Whether they were once scoring goals, conquering peaks, leading nations, penning novels, captivating audiences on screens big and small, surviving life-threatening situations, swimming against the tide, unraveling scientific mysteries, or building global empires, these speakers illuminate the transformative power of resilience. Through their narratives, we find inspiration to face our own journeys with fortitude, adaptability, and the belief that within change lies the opportunity for growth and a resilient, transformative future.


20-part series of Australian Change and Resilience Speakers


In a world that constantly evolves, the ability to navigate change and cultivate resilience has become paramount. Australia boasts a cadre of dynamic speakers who not only understand the intricacies of change but also inspire resilience in others. From renowned journalists to fitness experts, entrepreneurs to cave divers, each speaker on this list brings a unique perspective on resilience and change. Join us on a journey through the insights of 20 Australian change and resilience speakers, each a master of their craft, ready to impart wisdom and guide you through the ever-shifting landscapes of life and business.


  1. Julian Mather - Change expert and master storyteller.
  2. Dr. Adam Fraser - Human performance researcher and author.
  3. Holly Ransom - CEO of Emergent and leadership expert.
  4. Bernadette Black - Founder of Brave Foundation, advocating for young parents.
  5. Sam Cawthorn - Resilience expert and motivational speaker.
  6. Fiona Pearman - Change leadership and organizational culture expert.
  7. Tara Moss - Resilience advocate and author.
  8. Peter FitzSimons - Journalist and motivational speaker.
  9. Megan Dalla-Camina - Wellbeing and resilience expert.
  10. Maggie Dent - Resilience and parenting speaker.
  11. Naomi Simson - Entrepreneur and business leader.
  12. Nick Bowditch - Resilience and mental health advocate.
  13. Anh Do - Comedian and motivational speaker.
  14. Catherine DeVrye - Resilience and change management expert.
  15. Gus Balbontin - Innovation and change management speaker.
  16. Ita Buttrose - Media personality and resilience advocate.
  17. Allan Pease - Communication and resilience speaker.
  18. Michelle Bridges - Fitness and mindset expert.
  19. Dr. Richard Harris - Anesthetist and cave diver, known for his role in the Thai cave rescue.
  20. Kieran Flanagan - Behavioral expert and speaker on change.


As we conclude this exploration of Australian change and resilience speakers, it's clear that their collective wisdom forms a tapestry of inspiration and empowerment. From Julian Mather's engaging storytelling to Dr. Richard Harris's life-saving endeavors, these speakers embody resilience in diverse ways. Whether advocating for young parents like Bernadette Black or guiding us through the world of business innovation like Gus Balbontin, each speaker has left an indelible mark on the realms of change and resilience. We hope this list serves as a source of motivation and guidance as you navigate your own path of transformation. Embrace change, foster resilience, and let the insights of these remarkable individuals inspire your journey forward.






Change and Resilience Speakers In Australian States and Cities: 14 Part Series

This is a 14-part series.


Welcome to a captivating exploration of resilience and change as we journey through Australia's diverse cities and regions. In this series, we shine a spotlight on remarkable individuals who stand as champions of resilience, catalysts for change, and trailblazers in their respective fields. From the historic streets of Hobart to the tropical landscapes of Darwin, each city and region reveals its unique narrative of triumph over challenges. Join us on a transformative expedition, discovering the voices that inspire and guide communities toward resilience and positive transformation.


  1. Hobart's Resilience Champions: Change and Resilience Speakers
  2. Tasmania's Resilience Navigators: Change and Resilience Speakers
  3. Darwin's Resilience Catalysts: Change and Resilience Speakers
  4. Northern Territory's Change Pioneers: Resilience Speakers
  5. Perth's Resilience Leaders: Change and Resilience Speakers
  6. Western Australia's Change Champions: Resilience Speakers
  7. Adelaide's Resilience Trailblazers: Change and Resilience Speakers
  8. South Australia's Resilience Leaders: Change and Resilience Speakers
  9. Melbourne's Trailblazing Change and Resilience Pioneers
  10. Victoria's Change Catalysts: Influential Speakers on Resilience
  11. Sydney's Resilience Visionaries: Leading Change Speakers
  12. NSW Changemakers: Influential Change and Resilience Speakers
  13. Brisbane's Top Change and Resilience Speakers
  14. Queensland's Trailblazing Change and Resilience Speakers



As we conclude this inspiring series, we've traversed the vast landscapes of Australia, delving into the stories of resilience champions and change catalysts across cities and regions. From the southern charm of Hobart to the tropical embrace of Darwin, from the vibrant streets of Sydney to the cultural hub of Melbourne, each locale has contributed to the rich tapestry of resilience narratives.

Our exploration has highlighted the voices of individuals who are not just speakers but visionary leaders, influencing change and promoting resilience in their communities. Whether you find yourself in the bustling metropolis of Sydney or the laid-back atmosphere of Brisbane, the unifying thread is the commitment to overcoming challenges and thriving amidst change.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of discovery. May the insights shared by these resilience champions inspire you to embrace change with courage and foster resilience in every aspect of life. As we bid farewell to this series, remember that the journey toward resilience is ongoing, and the narratives of change continue to unfold in the cities and regions we've explored.