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Need To Talk Video With Your Team: Use The Video Confidence Ladder

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3 Ways To Make Short Videos That Get More Views 

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Be A More Confident Video Presenter By Doing This One Thing

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Being Too Perfect in Business Videos Can Hurt Your Leadership Brand

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5 Scripting Tips To Make Your Business Videos More Engaging

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Look Better In Your Business Videos By Using A Desk Lamp 

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Smartphones Are How We Make Business Video Now 

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Win Business By Giving Customers What They Want: Video 

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5 Ways Video Makes Your Messages Stick-ier 

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Julian Mather is a world class videographer turned smartphone video evangelist. His simple message: you win more business with a smartphone and a smile in the 2020’s


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Julian Mather has seen the world through many lenses. Through a telescopic sight as an army sniper. Through the TV lens as a globe-trotting videographer for ABCTV, National Geographic and BBC. Through smoke and mirrors as a professional magician.

He's traveled far but his longest journeys have been from behind the camera to in front of it. From stutterer to professional speaker.

He is now a smartphone video evangelist, speaker, writer and chief agitator of the Business Video Rebellion and loves helping business master the missing business skill of video.



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