My name is Julian Mather. I give people the richest smiles money can’t buy. I teach them how to use the simple compounding math of self discipline. Small deposits of self discipline - daily - into a person’s behaviour account turns their outlook around, can completely change their view about the work they do and suddenly make goals that were out of reach realistically within their grasp. What *Dave Ramsay and *Scott Pape  do for people’s bank accounts, I do for people’s potential. The 5-easy-steps-to-this and 30-days-to-that experiment has failed. There is a desperately disillusioned society out there ready to roll up their sleeves and get real lasting results back into their lives and organisations.

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How does this benefit you?

Well, I've discovered that my invigorating zig zag through life isn't that random after all. I've discovered a pattern. I've discovered that it is teachable. I can teach this to you in a very practical way that you can apply to your own life so the world can start to see the real you emerge.



I walk the walk.

Speaker: conference presenter, high school motivator, MC, active Toastmaster

Podcaster: Magician Business Podcast  Kids Entertainer Podcast

Youtube Presenter: Julian's Magician School  (130K subscribers + 30 million views)   

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