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Political Pundits: Keynote Speakers in Brisbane



Brisbane, a city at the crossroads of political discourse and civic engagement, has become a dynamic platform for political pundits turned keynote speakers. As the capital of Queensland, Brisbane attracts influential figures from the political landscape, each with a unique perspective on leadership, governance, and the challenges facing our society. In this article, we shine a spotlight on 20 Australian political pundits who have transitioned from the halls of power to the keynote stage, bringing their insights and experiences to audiences eager to understand the complexities of the political world.

1. Julia Gillard:

Australia's first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, shares her experiences in navigating the political landscape and advocating for gender equality and education.

2. John Howard:

The longest-serving conservative Prime Minister, John Howard, provides insights into leadership, economic management, and the global challenges Australia faces today.

3. Penny Wong:

Senator Penny Wong, a prominent figure in Australian politics, discusses issues related to foreign policy, human rights, and diversity, drawing from her extensive political career.

4. Tony Abbott:

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott offers perspectives on conservative values, national security, and the role of government in shaping Australia's future.

5. Tanya Plibersek:

Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Tanya Plibersek, focuses on social justice, education, and healthcare, bringing her passion for policy to the forefront.

6. Peter Costello:

Former Treasurer Peter Costello shares his insights into economic management, fiscal responsibility, and the challenges and opportunities facing Australia's economy.

7. Paul Keating:

The 'visionary' Prime Minister Paul Keating delves into the intricacies of policy-making, economic reform, and Australia's role in the global landscape.

8. Julie Bishop:

Former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, known for her diplomatic skills, discusses international relations, diplomacy, and Australia's place in the world.

9. Bill Shorten:

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten shares his views on social justice, workers' rights, and the role of the government in creating a fair and equitable society.

10. Bob Hawke:

The late Bob Hawke, one of Australia's most beloved Prime Ministers, left a legacy of economic reform, and his talks reflect on leadership, consensus-building, and fostering national unity.

11. Amanda Vanstone:

Former Minister for Immigration, Amanda Vanstone, provides insights into immigration policy, multiculturalism, and the challenges of balancing security and compassion.

12. Kevin Rudd:

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd discusses global challenges, climate change, and the need for international cooperation in today's interconnected world.

13. Joe Hockey:

Former Treasurer Joe Hockey offers perspectives on economic diplomacy, trade relations, and the importance of building strong economic foundations.

14. Linda Burney:

Member of the House of Representatives, Linda Burney, focuses on Indigenous rights, social justice, and the importance of diversity in Australian politics.

15. Gareth Evans:

Former Foreign Minister Gareth Evans delves into the complexities of international relations, peacekeeping, and Australia's role in global security.

16. Scott Morrison:

Current Prime Minister Scott Morrison shares his vision for Australia's future, addressing issues ranging from economic recovery to national security.

17. Christine Milne:

Former leader of the Australian Greens, Christine Milne, speaks on environmental sustainability, social justice, and the role of the Greens in shaping policy.

18. Mark Latham:

Former leader of the Australian Labor Party, Mark Latham, discusses populism, political strategy, and the evolving landscape of Australian politics.

19. Amanda Rishworth:

Member of the House of Representatives, Amanda Rishworth, brings her perspectives on healthcare, education, and social policy to the forefront.

20. Greg Hunt:

Current Minister for Health and Aged Care, Greg Hunt, discusses public health, pandemic response, and the challenges of managing Australia's healthcare system.


Brisbane's role as a center for political dialogue and civic engagement is heightened by the presence of these influential political pundits turned keynote speakers. Their diverse perspectives, drawn from the highest echelons of Australian politics, offer audiences a unique opportunity to understand the complexities and nuances of governance. As Brisbane continues to host these political luminaries, it solidifies its reputation as a city where political discourse is not confined to parliamentary chambers but extends to the broader community eager to engage with the ideas and visions shaping our nation's future.


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