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Can 5 Likes Be Better Than 1000 Likes on Videos

video strategy

Video engagement is all relative.


I learned about relative engagement from my audiences while doing magic shows.


I did 2000 magic shows. Crazy huh?


I would do a show and I felt in the flow and the audience loved it.


I would do a show an hour later, everything exactly the same and the audience would sit there with arms crossed.


I would think whaaaaaat? What am I doing wrong?




Turns out nothing. Turns out that audiences are all different and each expresses itself uniquely.


Those same people with crossed arms and frowns would come up and say that was the best magic show I've ever seen.


That was their way of expressing it.


Same with online videos. I have people tell me they never interact with my video posts but really appreciate them.


If you are using likes as a metric you might be making decisions based on inaccurate data.


5 views might get you a new client


but a video with 1000 views gets none.


Which is the better video?




✅ I have stopped fixating on numbers.


✅ I now fixate on constant delivery.


✅ I now fixate on consistent value.


It used to be hard for me.


Not now.


I have created frictionless systems that enable me to create content without breaking a sweat.


Want to know how you can do this too? I’d love to show you how.













Who am I? Can you trust me? 


Give me a test run at 6minutevideocourse dot com. No cost. No risk.

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