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Creating a Family Podcast Is A Fun Way To Get Your Family Talking and Sharing and Bonding While Protecting Your Family’s Story Into The Future

What's your role in your family?

Ever noticed that the older we get, the responsibility to be the font of all knowledge on family matters and the story archivist seems to naturally fall upon our shoulders.

I do and I’m only 55.

This is certainly the feeling I get when I go and talk to my wife’s parents - in their eighties - and they doubly feel the weight of this responsibility. I would talk to my own parents but they’ve both passed on now and sadly, so have many of the stories of my family that one day, yes one day, I was going write down for the great-grand-children I will never meet. It stings to say it but I failed.

You might just be luckier than that ... stay with me ...

My frustration made me put my thinking cap on.

I’ve found a simple way for families to stop their irreplaceable stories and history turning to dust.

My name is Julian Mather and if you have a few minutes I’d love to be able to share with you what I have discovered about saving those precious family stories.

... and if you choose, I’ll give you a way to have a first hand look at what I’ve created - it's something special I've whipped up for my Boomer Buddies - and then you’ll know if it’s something that’s right for you.

But right now I'm going to surpise you. You are sought after! Yes indeedy ...

This may come as a bit of a surprise given that if you are reading this then you are probably a Baby Boomer, so you are probably feeling a bit left behind with the rapid advance of technology.

I’ve got some good news for you here ... The world is not all it seems on the technological front.

As the technology advances at lightning speeds so does a new push to make all this technology user friendly. Let's face it, it's been a schmozzle up to this point.

The past twenty years has been the infancy and teenage years of the internet. That has been an over complicated time that was ruled by the pimply coders and technophiles. We’re coming out of that tunnel now so hang in there. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

This whole internet thing is maturing now in your favour. I’m not saying you will have a big rotary dial and a nice big clunky on of switch on your smart phone but there is a real push to make things easier, not harder.

And get this, the internet needs you and me and something special we have.

I mention this contradiction to you now because strangely, the internet needs 50,60,70 and 80 year olds. Hang on, how can this be? Surely the internet is the natural domain of the under 35 crowd. It makes sense. They’ve grown up with this technology while we were angst ridden over whether to get rid of our electric typewriters that we’d just bought a box of new ribbons for.


You have an essential piece of the puzzle that the under 35 crowd longs for...

Under 35’s have the energy and the drive and their brave new vision of the future but they are missing one essential element of the recipe .... 

Life experience and stories

There is a change happening and you and me, the so called crusty old over fifty crowd, are poised to to benefit from this which is why I am taking this roundabout way to telling you about family podcasting.

There’s something even more in this for you that I want you to understand.

The world doesn’t need any more information, it now needs stories, your stories to make sense of this information overload.

And here’s the thing. All the over 50 year olds I know in my circles are full of knowledge, experience and stories. I mean, how many people do you know that say, “With what I know on that topic I could write a book on that!”

The baby boomers and their life experience - that key element - are the most under represented in this exciting new online world.

While that may feel unfair, I saw the opportunity for us Baby Boomers and I created BoomerCasting.

Huh? BoomerCasting? That’s my name for easy-to-do podcasting for baby boomers.

You see podcasting has become overly complicated because it is primarily focused on being a way for people to to be able to sell you something.

I don't know about you but I value simplicity over needless complexity. We're past the purely acquisition phase of our lives. Experiences matter more.

So I did something for us ...

What I did was to untangle all the commercial aspects from the communication strengths inherent to podcasting.

By the way, podcasting is just like listening to a radio program about something you like, when you like and where you like instead of having to tune in at just the right time or miss it.

Now I've removed all the having-to-build-websites-mumbo-jumbo, all the create a shopping cart guff, all the you MUST hold online webinars hokum and hooey, all that commercial baggage stripped away, podcasting becomes a great way for anyone to have a voice and share, especially us Baby Boomers.

All your lumps and bumps and wrinkles of a life well lived, they make you the ideal candidate to speak into a microphone and share your stories, share your passion, share your knowledge, share your ideas with the world and in the process you get to learn and grow.

And this my friends is how Family Podcasting was born 

by BoomerCasters telling me, hey, BoomerCasting is a great way to record your family history before it disappears and have it safe online for your entire family to access.

So BoomerCasting and Family Podcasting is a podcasting revolution led by those who perfected revolution in the sixties and early seventies.

You did it then, do it again now. Show your younger family members with ear bud headphones and heads stooped over their iPhones who refuse to listen to you, show them that you’ve still got plenty of gas left in your tank.

  • Family Podcasting is surprisingly easy

  • Family Podcasting is surprisingly inexpensive

  • Family Podcasting is tailor made for Baby Boomers like you and me who like technical jargon translated into easy to understand language and who don’t want our precious time wasted.

  • Family Podcasting is a great way to capture the heart and soul of your unique irreplaceable family story.

  • Family Podcasting gets the whole family involved, the soft coos of newborns and cranky cantankerisms of Grandpa (that we really will miss) and every family member in between.

Family Podcasting is the sister of BoomerCasting

Once you are up and running other opportunities like these await you like:

  1. Take all your hard-earned knowledge, break it down into topics, and make a reference library of your brain for anyone who wants to pick it.

  2. Make a library of stories for your grandchildren, in your voice, so you can tuck them into bed and talk to them without being there.

  3. And all those stories about yourself—don’t let them get lost in the dust of time. Speak them to make a living memoir of your life.

  4. BoomerCasting is what you want it to be. Who knew you could create a stimulating next chapter of your life all from comfort of your kitchen table.


Feeling excited by the possibilities? I am.

This is what I've concocted for you my opportunity laboratory.

I’m so keen for you to see what you can be doing for your family and yourself that I’ve created a starter course and

I’ve made it completely free for you. Yes, it is safe. There are no catches. It simply a small gift to you.

Click Here To Get Started Now

Let me be clear.

This is a ZERO COST: ZERO COMMITMENT way for you to see what I’m talking about, take it for a run around the block. I want you to understand the opportunities that await for us online. I’m just starting my second fifty years and I wake up every day filled with a sense of hope. I want you to experience that feeling too.

You are free to hang onto this as long as you like. There are no time limits or restrictions of any kind. Nor is there any fine fine print or tricky stuff.

Yes, I’ll send you an email once in a while seeing how you are going with it but you can simply click the unsubscribe link and that’s it, I’m out of your life. We've both been around long enough. I've developed broad enough shoulders to take your rejection. I’m here to make your life better, not harder. 

This link will take you to your sign up page. Just a name and email and your unique and secure log in details will be immediately sent to the email address you just entered. That’s it. You log in and start discovering, learning and understanding the possibilities that await you.

Should you feel that this is a good fit for you then all the details are in there if you want to take it to the next step. If not, nothing lost, while I guarantee you’ll be able to explain things to those young’ins that they don’t even know about the internet.


Julian Mather

Please contact me with any questions or worries.
I am happy to make things crystal clear for you.        

[email protected]




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