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How to work with a Change and Leadership Motivational Speaker

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I never considered myself good at change until I went from


-free-range kid to army sniper

-home movies to National Geographic cameraman

-fumbling card tricks to a professional magician

-never swinging a hammer to building a home

-high school dropout to published author

-business illiterate to building & selling a business

-stutterer to motivational speaker


Turns out I know how to change, I know how to make it simple, and I know how to stand on stage & make it fun so others want to do it too.


I discovered 5 rules that most people don’t even know exist

3 always change and 2 never change

I formulated this into a teachable framework called CHANGEABILITY

It’s real change for real people made real simple


I’ve written 3 books, the latest titled YOU Turn Permitted - Stop being a passenger, grab the wheel and turn your life around. It’s a simple language guide that shows you how to do things you never thought you could do


I bring my insights to life on stage in a keynote called I DID IT - do things you never thought you would do. It’s a fun session full of big ideas, big stories, takeaway tactics, laughter, magic & balloon twisting.



"Tell a person to change and they’ll resent you for a day. Teach a person to change and they’ll pay you back in resilience for a lifetime."

- Julian Mather

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