One Simple Thing I Said To Elon Musk Changed His Mind About Video

One simple thing I said to Elon Musk changed his mind…


In 2007 I was travelling around USA shooting a TV episode on the Future Of Electric Cars


and one of the stops was in San Bruno in California


We walked into an industrial shed signed TESLA


For the next hour I told Elon Musk exactly what I wanted him to do


and Elon Musk did exactly what I told him.


That's not exaggerated.


That's directing.


Truth is Elon Musk did not want to be there.


His PR team had over committed his schedule and he wasn't happy.


He made it very clear to his team. To me.


So I did what I always did.


I sat him down. 


I sat opposite


and I built trust.


Trust matters.


Trust works.


I said


'You're a professional. I'm a professional. Let's get this done and get out of here.'


He was listening.


'I know exactly what I need you to do and if you do it I'll get you out of here in under the hour.'


He nodded.


I delivered on my promise.


I learned something about people: they like to be directed.


Because it means they get a break from having to think. To make decisions. It's like a mini vacation.




People will only give themselves over to be directed by people they feel are competent 


and they feel they trust.


Elon Musk wasn't the big deal that he is now.


But he had sway.


I had no sway.


Yet I was able to get a cranky Elon Musk onside.


Trust has always served me well.


You can use this technique too if you are making videos


and I tell you exactly word for word


what I say on page 81 of my book PRESS THE RED BUTTON


It's the section titled: Having the Talk




Find it at










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