Science Says Leaders Can’t Afford To Be Video Illiterate


The science is in...

Leaders can't afford to be video-illiterate.

CSIRO, a leading Australian Science Organisation

says there are 7 Global mega-trends

1️⃣ Climate Change

2️⃣ Global Net Zero

3️⃣ A Health Imperative

4️⃣ Geopolitical Shifts

5️⃣ The Shift To Digital

6️⃣ AI & Automation


7️⃣ Unlocking the Human Dimension = diversity, equity, transparency in business


it's no longer who you say you are

it's will who you are SEEN to be

🎥 Show us your values

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🎥 Show us the action you are taking

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every week you say video doesn't matter

is another week that someone else steps in and becomes the trusted authority in your space.

✅ The world won't tolerate video illiterate leaders forever.

✅ Great video presenters are not born, they are made.

✅ There's no reason it can't be you.







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