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The Future of Speaking - What Does 2022 Hold?

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2 key messages for professional speakers that have just come out of Warwick Merry's event in case you missed it. (follow Warwick to get notified next time)

1. 2022 is the start of boom time

Nigel Collin said "After every bust, there are up to 9 years of boom"

2. In-person is coming back BUT being virtual/video ready is a must.

Nigel Collin says "Hybrid is here to stay. It's a specialist skill. Those who are keeping producers and tech teams happy get the gigs"

Gerry Morris Donna Marie Morris have seen that- "Speakers who can deliver virtually are the ones being asked for  - regardless of studio size"

Leanne Christie was adamant "Speakers who are tech-ready are the ones getting the big virtual gigs" “Hybrid has proven very expensive but will likely remain as an option”

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