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When Not To Use Dissolves In Video Editing

video editing


So here’s the thing…


I do quick recuts on some of my client’s videos.


I don’t edit videos for people.


I recut them to show them what is possible by adding and removing content


and I’m always going arghhhhhh


because instead of one shot simply cutting to the next shot


there are dissolves/fades/transitions added between the shots.


I get it. You can. It’s fun. It looks nice




anytime you have to recut the content


 - and if you are creating useful content then you will be asked to recut it or someone will ask if they can recut it - 


if you have dissolves you have just made it


  • messier
  • time-consuming
  • more expensive


to recut your content.




this is not what you want if you are a New Video Professional or NVP


NVP’s aren’t really interested in video but they use it because they know it boosts their business to do so.


If you are interested in learning the 




then come and join me and the tribe of New Video Professionals


Who am I? Give me a test run at 6minutevideocourse.com 


ps. Are there times to use dissolves?  Definitely and powerfully.  Just don’t use then randomly.

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