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Where Should I Spend My Video Dollars?

video strategy

Are you being lured by hollow promises?

No amount of clever packaging will elevate weak content.

👉🏼Those days are gone. 

👉🏼We're all media experts now. 

👉🏼We've all seen it all too often. 

Bells and whistles don't work anymore. 

Throwing production dollars at a weak video script is dumb. 

Your presenting confidence is directly related to how clear you are about your message. 

The easiest way for you to become a compelling presenter is to work on compelling content.

If you think there are shortcuts…


As George Carlin wrote:

You can’t polish a turd but you can always roll it in glitter🌟

You don’t want a bad smell following you around.

Invest time and effort into your content.


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