Why Do I Feel Nervous On Camera

Feel nervous in front of a video camera?


Good news. There’s nothing wrong with you.


Think it is just you that feels terrible in front of a camera? 


Think again. 


Your lizard brain takes over and gets you ready for fight or flight. 


All these physiological things happen. 


No wonder you feel awful.


But… these feelings are normal. 


Once you tell yourself the threat isn’t real - it’s just a story in your head - these feelings leave.




🔴Your adrenal glands squirt adrenalin. You’re super stimulated.


🔴Your blood pressure then jumps so your heart starts beating faster.


🔴Your lungs pull in oxygen to oxygenate your blood. You feel a shortness of breath


🔴The body starts shutting down systems it doesn’t need, like eating and digesting.


🔴Saliva flow decreases and you feel a dry mouth.


🔴Blood flow to your digestive system shuts down so you feel this as butterflies in the tummy.


🔴Your muscles get ready to fight or run away so you experience shaking legs.


🔴Now your body is heating up and everything must cool. Just like dogs have wet noses to cool themselves, our palms become sweaty.



Your body was designed to do this, to protect you.


But your lizard brain - your amygdala - can’t tell the difference between a sabre tooth tiger and a video camera.


So you have to train yourself that the threat isn’t real.



🟢Doing practice runs in front of the camera is invaluable.


🟢Doing a FB LIVE into your FB business page that hardly anyone sees is invaluable.



You need to feel these feelings, identify them and move through them.


They will always be there but at very low levels.


Now they help give you that little boost and you present better.


Funny world we live in isn’t it.





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