3 Assumptions About Lapel Microphones

⏰ Save yourself some time when recording your videos

🎤Lapel microphones are those little microphones about the size of your little fingernail that you clip onto your clothing


1️⃣ They have to be close to your mouth

- they don't 

- in the middle of your sternum is perfect


2️⃣ They don’t work under your clothing

- they do

- there are limitations

- the material has to be regular weight or an open weave

- this won't work great under 100% waterproof rain jackets

- cotton works but some synthetics crackle a bit

- you can hide them under scarves and jacket lapels

- test locations for yourself


3️⃣ They have to point to your mouth

- they don’t

- they work equally well pointing any direction

- don't waste time wrestling to get them to point skyward

Any habit/technique / tool that gets between YOU and showing up on video to share your message, your vision, your mission must go.

Hope this helps.





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