🔸3 Mistakes Video Beginners Make With Video Lights🔸

This is worth knowing before you spend any money…

🔸3 Mistakes Video Beginners Make With Video Lights🔸


Anything that gets between me and my message has to go…

that’s why these 3 things are problems I will no longer tolerate


1️⃣ I Can’t Move

With all the light stands, cables, tripod and humans, there’s no room to swing the proverbial cat.


2️⃣ I Hate Sweating

Many video lights get hot. Very hot. Multiply that by three in a closed space it can get uncomfortable.


3️⃣ It Takes Too Long

Setting up, pulling down, packing away. Expect enthusiasm for videos to wane.


👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼Over complicated tech is a barrier to you shining on video👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼


If you are already making lots of videos, then sure, improve your lighting.

If you haven’t started making videos yet, then…


✅ grab your smartphone

✅ go face a window

✅ record a video where you tell us something helpful

👏Congratulations… you are on your way to being a trusted authority

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