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3 Reasons You’re Never Too Old To Be On Video



You’re never too old for video nowadays


and here are 3 reasons why...



1️⃣ Digital Seniors have discovered YouTube and they're leaving TV behind.

Cashed-up baby boomers spend at least 6 hours a day online

and own an average of 5 devices

and they love watching videos.

Are you tapping into this market?


2️⃣ In a world that is hungry for truth

people are searching for meaning and wisdom.

Stories - and even better - stories with lessons work so well now.

Have you lived a life with stories and lessons?


3️⃣ Video technology has been democratised. It is push-button easy now.

Prepare to be using video throughout your life.

Shania Twain said her father gave her this advice: 

Never release a song you don’t think you can sing when you’re 60. 

Plan for a long DIY video career by establishing frictionless systems that make video-making easy.










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