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3 Things Impactful Video Creators Have

video strategy


When it comes to video in business


You don’t have to be special

You don't have to look special

You don’t need special skills 


but you do need these 3 special things


Something to say

A smartphone 

And a smile


Get these and you will 


-touch more hearts

-shift more minds 

-move more feet

with your video


This is not hyperbole.


Authentic videos where you are straight talking and straight shooting work.


Just ask these people…


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky - selfie vids and a t-shirt


Jacinda Ardern - releases policy updates on Youtube


Barack Obama West Wing Weekly 2010 -2016 Youtube


Bill Melinda Gates - improve healthcare and reduce extreme poverty


Satya Nadella — CEO of Microsoft, change maker


Brene Brown - author, vulnerability advocate


They all drive their business, their vision, and their mission through simple video messages.


So if you already have 


Something to say

A smartphone 

And a smile


and you are struggling to show up on video


if you feel the time is right, I’d love to help you.

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