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5 Beautiful Sentences - Online Presenters Create Concise Content

May 16, 2023

Can you get your ideas across concisely?


Talking about fake news…


🚫Joe Biden said it

🚫Joe Biden’s speech writer might have written it

✅Joe Biden’s speech writer’s deputy likely wrote it


There’s a poison ☠️ running through our democracy and parts of our extreme press…

Truth buried as lies

Lies living on as truth




Bestselling author, professor and entrepreneur Scott Galloway combines business insight and analysis with provocative life and career advice.


On men’s mental health…


Men have trouble reaching out for help like

Men have trouble asking for directions


On the growing gap between rich and poor…


When did we decide that

Money made from money

Is more noble than

Money made from sweat




Helen Lewis - New Gurus Podcast discussing why there are so many hugely popular self-help podcasts that are dominated by a panel of men just bantering about stuff


Women have friends

Men have podcasts




The Rhythm of Life: Living Every Day with Passion and Purpose By Matthew Kelly


Not every person with their eyes closed is asleep

Not every person with their eyes open can see




Monaco, the micro state on the French Riviera - synonymous with Formula 1, super-yachts and James Bond - was once described my English writer W. Somerset Maugham as…


a sunny place for shady people




Harvard Professor Steven Pinker discussing the self correcting nature of science…


90% of what’s in science journals is wrong

90% of what’s in science textbooks is right




Heroic Public Speaking

A speech has the power to change the world and the people in it—including the speaker.




No one likes to be embarrassed, right? No one wants to be called boring.


Here’s how you can present like a pro at short notice.


Get my personal Emergency Presenter Kit for $1.


It is full of audience-pleasing things to say and do when you are called on to give an unplanned presentation. I feel so confident knowing I have these ready at hand. They make me look and sound and feel in control… and now you will too.


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