5 Things Might Be Holding Back Your Digital Shift to Video

1️⃣ IP Safety

Being transparent, creating a brand story by letting the cameras in to show who we are and what we do is all fine BUT what might be seen on a computer screen, on a whiteboard. Will our competitors get our IP?

2️⃣ Who’s in Charge Here?

Who controls video across the value chain of a customer? Where does all this video live? Who controls access to it? Expect marketing and comms not to want to loosen their grip on owning the message.

3️⃣ What’s Our ROI?

How does spending all this time and money get a return on our investment? What systems have you got in place to track this?

4️⃣ Staff Turnover

With workplaces becoming more fluid, what happens when key individuals who are driving our digital change leave? How will you keep the momentum going?

5️⃣ Brand Compliance

We’ve worked so hard to get our brand message to this point and now you want to let a bunch of amateurs loose to make employee-generated videos?


🔸What else have you experienced?

🔸Have you thought about how to fix these problems?

🔸Your thoughts? I’m very keen to learn from your experiences.

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