6 Excuses Leaders Hear When Trying To Implement Video

Have you heard these in your business?

🔴Just Go Away Please

‘I suck at video’. ‘The camera doesn’t like me.’ ‘It’s not on my job description.’ These are the expected first line of defence from people anxious about video. 

🔴Identity Concerns

Phone calls have defined end-of-life. You hang up and it is history. Video doesn’t. It lives on, somewhere, on a server, in the cloud. Who will have access to this? Will my image be used without my permission?

🔴Lack of Guidelines

What can I say? What can’t I say? In highly regulated environments staff are nervous about what they can say in a public forum. What’s commercial in confidence and what’s not?

🔴Act Natural

What does ‘act naturally’ in front of a camera mean? Turns out we all have different interpretations of what natural is. To older generations it might be stiff and formal like a newsreader - as these people have been in their lounge rooms every evening for decades. To younger generations, pouting and preening like an Instagram Influencer is normal. Have these conversations or you’ll find yourself at crossed purposes and frustrated.

🔴Free World vs The Walled City

Many of the apps and services - often free - on my phone and desktop that make my video creation easy cannot be accessed within corporate firewalls. Talk to your IT team first.

🔴I’m not leaving, promise!

Employees can be afraid to ask permission to post on Linkedin because they don’t want their employer to think they’re trying to find another job. If you want employees to extend the reach of your business, then this is a good conversation to have.

✔︎So, expect this part of the shift to digital media to be slow.

✅Allow your people time to get used to the idea.

✅Give them a safe space to experiment.

✅Give them the power of veto over content being used.

Once video is normalised within your business you can look back at your competitors spluttering in your digital exhaust.


Can you add to this? What excuses / reasons / pushback have you seen / heard / experienced?

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