6 Things TV Newsreaders Don’t Do On Video

6 Things TV Newsreaders Don’t Do


that you should steer clear of.. ONLY if you want to build your video authority that is


1️⃣ have loose threads on clothes

2️⃣ have visible pimples on their noses

3️⃣ have jingly jangly bangles that jingle jangle with every movement

4️⃣ have long hair that constantly needs to be flicked back

5️⃣ wear patterned shirts or blouses that draw the focus away from your face

6️⃣ have dandruff, nasal hairs, ear hairs

🤷🏽‍♂️ Why is this important?



Distractions detract from the messages being delivered. 

If it was distracting enough that you turned to your couch mate and commented, it means you aren’t focused. 


👉🏼 You are missing the message being delivered.

👉🏼 What’s the point then of showing up on video in the first place?


What other distractions can you think of that bug you?? Do share!


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