60 Sec Videos Can Drive Customers To Take Action

You could have made this video.
Every shot on this video is done on auto settings.
Every shot was just what was happening in front of my eyes.
Everyone else - it seems from the shots - had a smartphone too.
So many people who have seen this on social have commented they want to go on this tour....so...
this video has moved people to action.
Isn't that what we want our business videos to do?
How did I achieve this?
I had the same tools and opportunities that everyone else did.
Quick edit on CapCut - which costs nothing - and I was able to add some music and speed up up a few shots.
It's because unlike everyone else on that boat, I set out to make a video under 60 seconds long.
I had purpose and direction.
You have the tech you need to start.
Sure we can talk about that here in New Video Professionals Club but it's not the secret.
It's not what you need.
When you are ready, come to talk to me and I'll help you get your purpose and direction and you watch yourself race ahead. You'll be unstoppable.
Right now... I'm just reminding you of the anti invisibility device you have at your fingertips 😞

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