8 Second Video Lessons - Are They Possible? Part 1


Do you think it’s possible to give a video lesson with context and key message in 8 seconds? 👉8 Sec Video Lessons👈

What do you think?

I’ve made 4 of these so far. They require so much work in the scripting. As Winston Churchill said, ‘if I had more time I would have written you a shorter letter’.

🗣 This is the 8-second script from this video

the world is hungry for truth

we want to hear from you 

with all your lumps and bumps and wrinkles of your life well lived 

video is not the secret sauce, you are

The reason I’m doing them is 

  1. ✅the challenge
  2. ✅these now will become end titles for other videos. So my call to actions will have another key learning lesson built into my branding.

Is this wise or unwise? I don’t know. I’m testing.

Love to know your thoughts?

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