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Business Video Skills: Why Good Headroom Earns You Money

framing headroom skills video

 👍🏻👍🏻Business Video Skills Tip. What is headroom and why do you need to get it right? It’s this space between the top of your head🧔🏻 and the edge of the frame📺 and you need to get it right because it helps people watch your video through.

 If your headroom is wrong…

 and you have an artistic eye you’ll just see it and it’ll annoy you and you’ll want to reach through the screen and reframe it.

 If you’re the visual equivalent of me… I’m tone deaf and couldn’t sing to save my life…  then know that if the headroom is wrong it can make us feel psychologically unsettled - like someone singing off key - and that is an underlying distraction and...

Distractions dilute your message.

 What’s right?

 Too little

Too much

Just right

 This is the Goldilocks Zone of headroom.

 If you can’t intuitively see it then

here’s two simple hacks.

  1. Roughly divide your screen into thirds and place your eyes on the line between the top and middle third.
  2. It’s about a fist’s worth of space

 It’s a simple thing but it’s a discipline that’s ultimately going to earn you money. Hope this helps.

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