Can I make a video studio in a small room or office?

How much easier would it be to have a ready-to-go video set at home or in the office... like this person?

But finding a spare 3 metre / 10 foot length of wall in your home or office is not so easy.

That's a comfortable amount of room to frame a mid shot from about the waist up that lets you get your hands in shot.

But wait. Maybe you don't need that 3 metre wide blank wall. Maybe you have a corner.

Look at the second photo and you see that this is a clever optical illusion. This is a corner video set that doesn't look small or cramped at all.

CEO's and leadership could have a dedicated corner. Teams could create a shared video set. Looking professional in the home office is achievable.

You don't have to pay big to play big on the small screen.

Image from a TechSmith marketing video

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