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Stagnant Sales Leads? Try Following Up With Video

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Are you still dragging your feet deciding whether or not you should be using video for your business? This clip from The Speaker Lab Podcast outlines the power of video to build relationships with your potential customers and clients.


Speaker 1: 00:00 I had like six workshop leads that were way stagnant and I would email an email, an email, and I was close to closing the book on some of them. And then someone suggested to me to do video follow-ups, which I have the natural equipment and everything to do. And all of them responded grant, that's awesome. And some of them had been stagnant for six months, but they all said, wow, thank you for taking the time to make such a cute video. We have you in mind for the spring. We were just discussing internally, but it got them to actually give me an update,

Speaker 2: 00:36 any of us to get an email, you can kind of read it and you're like, this is to me. Or is this to everybody? Or is this just copy pasted, you know? But like with the video, like you can't fake that, you know, hey Jane Doe at Xyz Company we had met a couple of months ago. Like that's too dot person. Right? And you can't duplicate that and copy and paste that to other people. So yeah, video can be really, really effective and really, really powerful.

Video is so powerful right now because so few businesses are using it. Update your video skills and grab this business opportunity.

You have everything you need to start right now if you have a smartphone or a webcam.

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