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A Crash Course In How To Win Trust With Videos



It’s not 2015 anymore.

You’re still making the old type of videos are you?

Update yourself with this crash course.



🔸THE DIGITAL SHIFT - We don’t read we watch. We don’t meet we zoom. Brick and mortar have become click and order.

🔸SELF SERVE SOCIETY - We’re addicted to the convenience of information at our fingertips. Don’t make me wait! Just show me already!

🔸PEOPLE TRUST PEOPLE - Banks, churches, politicians, big brands have let us down. We trust strangers to take us to the airport in an Uber more than we trust the CEOs we work for.

🔸SHOW DON’T TELL - There is a citizen and consumer-driven demand for transparency. Don’t tell me about your commitment to a diverse workplace, show me.



🔹BE YOU - clients want a person, not a persona

🔹BE FAST - make videos in minutes, not months

🔹BUILD TRUST - Trust and reputation are your most valuable online currencies. We share what we trust.




Use whatever tech floats your boat but knowing how to use these two will deliver more results than every other piece of tech combined.

*Your Smartphone

*Your Smile



🔺Video shyness is not a life sentence.

🔺It was up until ten years ago but it’s different now.

🔺Remember this from the 3 New Video rules above?

🔺BE YOU - clients want a person, not a persona.

🔺This means you don’t have to change who you are. The pressure on you to be perfect has gone.

👏 How good is that!






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