A Trick To Get Comfortable In Front of a Video Camera


Are you being asked to be on video... and you don't want to! If you're really nervous in front of a camera, give yourself some gentle exposure therapy.

Mark Puncher recommends you get a friend or a colleague to do a mock interview with you. 

You'll get a feel for what it physically feels like to have the camera there. You'll get a feel for what your body initially does. The pumping heart. The shortness of breath. The clammy hands.

Then you'll feel it all go away. It always does. What you are left with is the smiling face of your colleague and you'll soon realise you are having a conversation and that it's not a test.

Start preparing yourself for video. Being in front of a camera is a skill, not a gift you are born with. Like all skills, it requires practice. Start now. You'll be so ahead of others if you do.

Mark makes amazing authentic videos at Employer Branding Australia.

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