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A video guide to help you plan your 2021 business video strategy

video production video strategy
Video production guide 2021 for businesses that shows outsourcing, DIY and hybrid options.

The last 5 years have been confusing

Look at the graphic. Everything in green was how we approached video for business about 5 years ago.

You grabbed a camera. You video-d a bunch of shots. You stuck them together in the editing. You stored the final video on your hard drive or uploaded it to a video host like Youtube or Vimeo. Your clients saw it.

Everything in blue is what is available to us now (and I've left out a lot for clarity).

Smartphones rule (digital camera sales dropped 84% in the last decade).

Adding captions and repurposing your video (dicing and slicing) are standard now.

Send a Vmail instead of an email direct to your customer.

Bypass editing completely by using your computer as TV Studio and record videos like they are a LIVE broadcast ( I LOVE doing this).

Partner with services that do the bits you don't want to.

Video Husky will edit overnight for you.

Crew in a Box sends a Hollywood level camera to your door and directs and records your videos over an internet connection.

Upload your CV video to TikTok which is now a recruitment platform for some major brands.

All of this is happening so fast that I have to work hard to stay ahead of it all.

You're good though.

I'm here to be your guide.


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