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AI - Lessons From A Motivational Speaker

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Are you sceptical about AI and whether you'll use it daily?

Apart from the tidal wave of AI, here's how I know AI will be part of day-to-day life.

I just showed my neighbour (an AI dismisser) how to book a Christmas dinner for his family who are visiting London.

They have carnivores and vegetarians yada yada.

We typed in a prompt and he nearly fell off his chair 20 seconds later with the response.

A list of best pubs in his area, a perfectly written email with all his details and the email addresses of the pub managers.

He *rushed* home to show his wife. That is the speed which something truly useful travels.

It was like I was witnessing the spread of technology in real time.

I'll use AI daily in my speaking business because it's useful. Really useful.

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