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Are You a Clear Video Presenter Or A Mime




If no one can hear you then you aren’t a video presenter, you are a mime.


…and we have to guess what a mime is saying.


Entertaining, yes. Clear communication, no.


Without clear sound that your client can hear, you are sunk.


So if you get frustrated by having to use a microphone


Understand this…


As much as movies are all about the pictures


when the soundtrack is disrupted then the movie is broken


and that’s when 


patrons walk out of the cinema. 🚶🏽🚶‍♀️




Video is technically more complex


but sound breaks down more.


It is s a very fragile process 


‘Waiting for sound!’ You will hear this on many film and video sets. 




➡️ wind noise

➡️ interference

➡️ dry electrical joints


But sound is equally - if not more - important than pictures.


So your options are:


1️⃣ If you are in a quiet room, 


and you are about an arm’s length or so from the camera, 


you may be able to use the inbuilt microphone. 


If so, lucky you. 


Do some tests. 


Ask your customers if they are happy with the sound. 


✅ Honestly, if they say yes and you make sales, then don’t touch it.


2️⃣ If not, you have to investigate using an external microphone.




Don’t complain about microphones. It’s the price of entry to be heard.



I give you more microphone ideas on page 56 of my book PRESS THE RED BUTTON




Find it at












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