Are You a New Video Professional?

New Video professionals take a head, hands, and heart approach to video. 

For decades, video across business has worked just fine using only a head and hands approach. If you thought up a good strategy in your head and outsourced it to be made in someone else’s hands, that worked. Not so now. 

Heart is the new element of authenticity that makes all the difference to business videos because it makes all the difference to your customers. Customer's video habits have changed over the past three to five years.  

Customers want real people giving straight answers. If they don't get them, they walk.  

I suggest New Video Professionals respond to this by taking a different route. That of APD: the author| presenter |director of their videos. 

No one knows your product or service or customer better than you, so you must be the author of your video message. 

No one can be as authentic as you. It must be you presenting your videos. 

But you probably can’t make videos. It makes much more sense for you to direct someone else to assemble your videos for you. 

Of course, improve your own video skills and get deeper into video production fs that's your thing.  

So traditional video professionals continue to make highly produced videos and New Video Professionals focus on authoring and delivering authentic videos at volume.

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